Eagle Scout!!

The path to Eagle Scout comes in many shapes and sizes.  No two scouts share the same path.  The basics are the same, the requirements are the same but the actual journey is the decision of the individual scout.

We could not be more proud to announce Trevor Nigus as the newest Eagle Scout of Crew 91.  We are incredibly proud of you, Trevor, and all you have accomplished.  Congratulations!

Eagle Scout - Crew 91



The Journey To Eagle Pt. 1

Goodness are we excited to tell you about all the activities of Crew 91. But nothing could excite us more than to announce Trevor has begun his Eagle Scout Service Project! Woot, woot!!

Over the past four months Trevor has been collaborating with the Chilllicothe Historical Society to bring you a renovated cottage.  He has diligently sought out advisors to help him along his way.  With an adult representative each from the Historical Society and the Crew, Trevor has laid the foundations to complete his Eagle Project well in advanced of the date desired by the Historical Society.

Trevor's Eagle Scout Project

The little cottage behind the main building of the Chillicothe Historical Society used to be a detached garage.  Today it functions as a Cottage with displays about the local area.  However, it has been in need of an exterior overhaul for sometime.  When Trevor approached the Historical Society it did not take long for them to propose residing The Cottage, painting the windows, replacing two exterior doors, and repairing an exterior light fixture.  The old wood siding was peeling and chipping and the windows were looking a little dreary.

Trevor's Eagle Scout Project

Trevor’s first day of service got off to a great start on Saturday, April 11.  While a couple of people worked on replacing the exterior doors the rest of the group got started with the residing.  Goodness, what a difference vibrant white vinyl siding makes on a building with previously cracked and chipped paint!

After just a few hours of service the siding was coming right along.  The side door was a little bit of struggle but the volunteers persevered and the stubborn exterior door was conquered!  Trevor has done a great job not only organizing the necessary supplies for the project but seeking guidance from more experienced adults to learn the ins and outs of residing a building.  He’s learned new skills and in turn taught others the skills he has learned.  In the end, that’s the purpose of an Eagle Scout Service Project, to grow and then to grow others.  Nothing like the teaching E.D.G.E at work!

Windy Weather

The last couple of days Chillicothe has been pummeled with wind, rain, hail and crazy weather.  The straight line winds which coursed through our little town left quite a wake, espeically in the north end of town.

Though we as a crew have been unable to help as a group with clean up there have been scouts all over town lending a hand.  Between the power lines snapped in two and the dozens of trees ripped from the earth there’s quite a little mess.  Monday early morning knocked power out of half the city and closed the entire school district.  The roads were flooded and delayed getting to and from work.

Courtesy of Trevor J. Nigus

Courtesy of Trevor J. Nigus

The really wonderful thing about living in a small town: your volunteer fire department, your police department and the community as a whole.  Everyone working together to remove debris and picking up the pieces to start another day.


Kudos to the members of Crew 91 who were out and about lending a hand.  And a huge thank you to the men and women of our volunteer fire department and the police department for their relentless services.

Trains, Scouts and Sleeping

It’s pretty fabulous to travel by train.  There’s way more room for wandering and for sleeping and overall better experiences.


We’ve managed to make some friends from Michigan. Playing ‘Boy Scout’ and euchre in the cafe with our new scouting family.  We’ve shared our Twizzlers and Capri Suns and escaped onto the platform in Kansas City. 


Trevor made friends with a few conductors and engineers and they’ve said they’ll give him a tour of the Galesburg Amtrak.   There was a crazy card game with pizza on the line. 


Now we’re back on the rails and everyone is mostly winding down.  Tanner ‘s been sleeping for sometime curled in a little ball and Megan’s all comfy next to the window. 


It’s bound to be a great trip!


A Grand View

Only in the scouting world do crazy youth and adults, pack up their backpacks and head to the local parks to lug around 35-50lbs on their backs.  To some, we’re crazy.  To us, it’s just a regular Saturday morning.

With only 10 days before we depart for Philmont Scout Ranch we made our way to the trails of Forest Park Nature Center for an early morning prep hike.  We decided to be adventurous and take the Pimiteoui Trail up to Grandview Drive in Peoria Heights.  It’s a nice hike to Grandview Drive with trails very reminiscent of Philmont.  And as the name implies, the view is quite spectacular.

Venture Crew 91 Grandview Drive

Grandview Drive

After a few hours of wandering around and running into a few turkeys we made our way back to Chillicothe sticky and sweaty.  To escape the heat for bit we had lunch indoors and reviewed a list of “Do Not Forget to Bring With You” items.  Number one item not to forget: Hiking Boots!  Sounds a little crazy but you’d be surprised how easy it is to leave for the train without your boots.

Venture Crew 91

A quick shakedown of everyone’s gear and a run through on using backpacking stoves and the water filter made for a very productive Saturday.  And that was all before 3pm! There’s sure to be a competition between the ladies and the fellas on tearing down tents while on the trail.  The adults can’t wait to see how long it takes for the teams to tear down their tent and be ready in the morning!  We’ll let you know the outcome.

Rerolling the tent...the fifth time

Rerolling the tent…the fifth time

Just 10 days.  Wow.  It’s going to be amazing.

Sizzling Hot!

A small merry band of Philmont enthusiasts went for a hike last night.  We sure were hoping for fine weather and got quite the opposite.  The late afternoon rain was sure to bring a cooling of the 90+ temps Central Illinois was experiencing.  We were COMPLETELY wrong!

By the time we arrived at Robinson Park the heat was oppressive and the humidity was through the roof.  We only had to walk a short way before we found ourselves drenched in a salty, sticky sweat.  Carrying an additional 30-40lbs didn’t help us stay cool either.

The only perks of this lovely stroll were all the wildlife we were able to see.  No, we are not counting the gnats and mosquitoes that plagued us for the two hours!  We’re referring to all the deer who were out and about last night.  We practically ran into a handful as they stood in the trails.  In total we observed at least 11 deer at Robinson Park.  It was wonderful.

Pomp and Circumstance

May always seems to be a flurry of activity.  Between weddings, and graduations and the occasional Venturing activity the month quickly fades into June.   We don’t know about you but is it hard to sit through graduations ceremonies without thinking of Scouting songs?  It is for us!  One particular song automatically starts rolling through the brain…My Turtle Swims Sideways.

Inevitably as soon as Pomp and Circumstance makes its way into the audience this little ditty comes to mind:

My turtle swims sideways

Your turtle swims upside down

My turtle swims sideways

Your turtle is dead!

Tank the Turtle

 In our little crew we have had quite the graduation season.  We have one crew member graduating from every level of education.  We cannot be more proud of all everyone has accomplished and cannot wait to see what their futures have in store.


Graduating from Chillicothe Elementary Center is our dear Megan.  Megan has been hanging out with the crew for the past 7-8 months as an unofficial member of the crew.  In order to be a full-fledged youth in any Venture Crew you must be either 14 years old or 13 and completed 8th grade.  Well, congratulations, Megan!  You’ve successfully conquered junior high and are heading off to high school!

Crew 91 Graduates

Leaving Illinois Valley Central High School as a well-rounded senior is our enthusiastic Tanner.  Tanner has quite the scouting career starting as far back as a Cub Scout, moving into Boy Scouts, attaining the rank of Eagle Scout and joining Crew 91.    Kudos to you, Tanner and best of luck as you attend Illinois Central College this fall!

Crew 91 Graduates

Not to be excluded from the excitement, Arielle graduated from Moody Bible Institute with a Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Counseling.   Though too old to be a youth of Crew 91, Arielle made the transition to Associate Crew Advisor as soon as she was eligible.  Congratulations on a job well done for successfully navigating through the challenges of college life!  Best wishes as you hit the pavement!

Crew 91 Graduates

So the next time you’re sitting through graduation and cannot wait for Pomp and Circumstance to quit repeating itself, just sing a Crew 91 favorite: My Turtle Swims Sidesways.

My turtle