Sizzling Hot!

A small merry band of Philmont enthusiasts went for a hike last night.  We sure were hoping for fine weather and got quite the opposite.  The late afternoon rain was sure to bring a cooling of the 90+ temps Central Illinois was experiencing.  We were COMPLETELY wrong!

By the time we arrived at Robinson Park the heat was oppressive and the humidity was through the roof.  We only had to walk a short way before we found ourselves drenched in a salty, sticky sweat.  Carrying an additional 30-40lbs didn’t help us stay cool either.

The only perks of this lovely stroll were all the wildlife we were able to see.  No, we are not counting the gnats and mosquitoes that plagued us for the two hours!  We’re referring to all the deer who were out and about last night.  We practically ran into a handful as they stood in the trails.  In total we observed at least 11 deer at Robinson Park.  It was wonderful.


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