What Now?

School is out and the summer is ahead of us!  The long awaited time has come to enjoy the bliss of summer and all it holds.  There are so many summer activities but the best activities are those in the water.  Since we live on the Illinois River why not spend the majority of the summer basking in the sun?  That is just what we are going to do.  As soon as the speed boat is cleaned and readied for the river we’ll be out and about racing up and down the Illinois.  We’ll be holding on for dear life as we’re flung back and forth on our tubes.  There will be King of the Inner Tube – a feat not easily won.  There will be brutal tidal waves and barrel rolling.  There is absolutely no reason to be board this summer…join Venture Crew 91 on the Illinois!  Are you game?

Ready for Summer


We Thank You

Tomorrow will commemorate the 62nd annual Armed Forces Day.  As members of our community who are grateful for the sacrifices made by our service men and women we would like to publicly thank members of the United States Armed Forces for their selflessness and valor.  It is quite simple for us to take for granted our safety, our freedoms and our homes.  It is too easy for us to forget the daily sacrifices the men and women of the Armed Forces make on our behalf.  They leave their homes, their families, their jobs to take up the mantle of defense no matter what the cost.  When called upon they are there to protect.  We are truly grateful.

May we challenge the reader for a moment?  The next time you see a woman in uniform, thank her for her service.  When you see a man wearing a WWII Veteran cap, stop and thank him for his sacrifice.  Be bold enough to step out, wherever you are, to thank our military for their services and sacrifices.  They were, after all, bold enough to protect you from the front lines.

It Takes a Special Mother

There is something extra special about a Scouting mother.  From a very early age mothers are the ones who help us along our scouting path.  They make sure our uniforms are washed and we know where to find our handbooks as Tiger Cubs.  They go door to door to help us deliver the boxes upon boxes of Boy Scout popcorn we sold.  They sew a bazillion Merit Badges onto our sashes and ensure we get to weekly meetings on time.  They walk us through the process of completing our Eagle Projects.  They encourage us to broaden our horizons by hiking 127 miles in the mountains of Philmont and to face our fears of deep sea scuba diving.  They stand by us as we receive our Bronze and Gold Awards and are welcomed into the roles of Crew President and Crew Secretary.

Through every little step of our Scouting careers our mothers are there to see us grow in leadership, community service and civic duty.  Without our Scouting mothers we probably would have given up at the first challenge we faced.  But because of our mothers, we have succeeded and we have the stories and memories for proof.  Thank you, moms, for encouraging us and for giving us the extra boost of focus when we needed it the most.  Happy Mother’s Day.

From Tiger Cub to Venturer:
Thank you, Mom.

So Humbled

The small acts of service we provide in our community are not for recognition but strictly just a way for us to show our community we are thankful for their support.  Service projects are one way we are able to give back to a community who has given so much to its citizens.  However, at the end of April, Venture Crew 91 was given the great honor of being awarded the Pearce Ambassador Award for volunteerism. Every year Pearce Community Center recognizes individuals and groups for their community service.  We are so very humbled to be so publicly recognized for our service.   Thank you for such an honor and we have every intention of continuing to serve our community in every way possible.

Pearce Ambassador Award

Ingersoll Scout Reservation

Lake Roberts

A small band of our Crew spent a lovely weekend at our council Boy Scout Camp, Ingersoll Scout Reservation in London Mills.  We were supposed to tent camp but at the last moment we got an upgrade to a new and improved campsite.  Tent camping was quickly left behind as we drew near to the luxury of Buckskin.  The Crew was asked to try out Buckskin’s platform four-man cabins.  Let us just say they were pretty fancy.  If you think platform tents are nice you need to try out the platform cabins!

the AMAZING platform cabins

Our merry little band ate like kings!  Chicken stir fry, delicious bacon, eggs and fried potato wedges, and a killer dinner of fresh fried fish from Lake Roberts with fried sweet potato chips!  There is nothing more satisfying than having dinner of a fresh catch of fish!  Outdoor fried sweet potato chips just have an extra special taste of flavor, one that cannot be ignored. Enjoying meals around the campfire is the absolutely best way to enjoy dinner!

frying the day’s catch

before they were dinner

yep, ate the whole batch

Now it might seem like all we did was eat the whole weekend but we were active too.  Fishing was the mainstay but tromps through the woods were in order and one crazy nut spent a half an hour in the FREEZING creek.  Making  sure we had to time for a service project was also squeezed in between the rain.  And we can’t forget the turtles.  Someone, who will remain nameless, terribly wants a turtle of his own and decided to see how many he could find.  Now just a little sidebar: No turtles were harmed or mistreated this fine rainy weekend.  One turtle, Franklin, quickly found its place in our hearts.  While they only remained with us for a short while, Franklin the Venture Crew 91 Turtle will always be our friend.

the crazies

our turtle friends

yes, he was crazy enough

service projecting

Action Shooting, Buffalo Rifles – What more do we need?

Last weekend was quite successful if you gauge the number shells, cartridges and arrows shot.  In reality there would be too many to count!  Half the crew was present at the most favored activity of the year – which is quite the showing.  Safety is always the priority but FUN is key!  One of our members shot for the very first time and her favorite was probably the Buffalo Rifle where she0 hit all the targets!  Every type, okay that might be a slight exaggeration, was fired or shot on Saturday.  In addition to the Buffalo Rifle some of the other favorites were single barrel .12 gauges at the trap shooting, CMP Rifles and of course there is always the stand by – the .22.

most of the gang

Unlike last year when it down right caused a gully wash this year the weather was pristine.  The perfect weather brought the shooters out in droves and we were not to be excluded.  One full day of shooting is not quite enough but it will have to tide us over til next year’s extravaganza.

Youth Shooting Invitational

Youth Shooting Invitational

Youth Shooting Invitational