Northern Tier

Northern Tier is Scouting’s gateway to adventure in the Great North. From Northern Tier’s three bases, Scouts can explore millions of acres of pristine lakes, meandering rivers, dense forests, and wetlands in northern Minnesota and Canada.

Charles L. Sommers Wilderness Canoe Base – Our flagship base in Ely, Minnesota, is home to the Okpik winter camping program and is our largest base for wilderness canoeing. In the summers, crews paddle deep into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and the Quetico Provincial Park.

Don Rogert Canoe Base – Called the “Canoe Capital of Canada,” this base in Atikokan, Ontario serves as the launching point for exploring Quetico Provincial Park and the White Otter – Turtle River Provincial Park. It also features great fishing and kayaking programs.

Northern Expeditions Canoe Base – Unofficially regarded as the “Most Extreme High Adventure in Scouting,” the Northern Expeditions base is the most rugged and remote region paddled by Northern Tier located in Bissett, Manitoba. A float plane drops crews off at our wilderness canoe cache in the heart of the combined two million acre Atikaki Provincial Park and Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, an area visited by only a handful of canoeists every year.


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