The Journey to Eagle Pt. 2

We promise, Trevor has been working diligently on his project, we have just been a little lax keeping everyone in the loop.  The progress being made on The Cottage is remarkable.  You can really tell which parts of the building have been sided and the parts still requiring a little help.  A sizable group of volunteers have been spending their weekend mornings and early afternoons at the Chillicothe Historical Society.

Before and After

Before and After

A vast majority of the youth volunteers have no experience with construction or carpentry.  It has been a learning experience from the first pounding of nails, to learning how to measure lengths of siding, discovering there is a difference when taking measurements from the factory edge, observing first how to install F and J channel and hang siding, to completing all the steps on their own.

It has been a wonderful learning opportunity not only for Trevor but for all youth involved.  Trevor has collaborated with members of the Historical Society and Venturing Adults to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to complete his project.  Through the assistance of Jay and Jerry, Trevor has experienced what steps must be completed prior to the actual siding of the building, what materials and equipment are necessary to replace exterior doors and reside a building,  what it takes to prepare a building to be resided, how many man hours are actually required to complete his project, and how to relay instructions to his volunteers in an age appropriate manner.

Trevor and the Historical Society

Trevor and the Historical Society

With a lot of perseverance and overcoming many challenges, Trevor has seen his project through to completion.  So here’s just a sneak peak into the changes.  More to come later.  We are all just bursting at the seams with pride.  Congratulations, Trevor!

Venture Crew 91


One Badge at a Time

Music Merit BadgeIt takes 21 Merit Badges to attain the rank of Eagle Scout.  There are 10 required badges and the other 11 badges can be selected based on personal interests.  One by one the required badges are sewn onto the Merit Badge Sash and soon the non-requireds join their brothers  to make a complete set.  The time, the dedication and the knowledge gained on the path might be a long one but full of excitement along the way.  Congratulations to Trevor for completing one more merit badge as he works towards the full set of 21!

Welcome to the Craziness

Three summers ago we spent a fabulous week at the wonderful Tomahawk Scout Reservation in Birchwood, Wisconsin.  The week was a Troop and Crew 91 shared adventure.  The troop participated in the fantastic Boy Scout programming while there and the five first-year scouts trekked their way alongside the crew.  While the Boy Scouts were working on merit badges and swimming we were enjoying ourselves in Tomahawk’s high adventure program.

Every day there was a different activity.  We went on a kayaking day trip, rock climbing, mountain biking, swimming and so many other amazing activities.  The really neat part about our trip included the side hikes and evenings spent with the Scouts.  Two of the young Scouts who went with us to Tomahawk are now members of our Venture Crew!

Camp Tomahawk 3 7.24.10 105

Just this past Sunday at our crew meeting we welcomed Cody as that second Scout from three years ago and we could not be more excited.  Three years ago Cody was just beginning to explore scouting.  Today, he has stepped into the craziness of Venture Crew life.  I guess our craziness didn’t scare him off!

Welcome to the Craziness!


The day the entire city thought would never come graced us with its presence today.  It RAINED!!!!  We’ve been waiting all summer for a day full of rain and rain it did!  First thing this morning the clouds rolled in thick and heavy and even activated street lamps.  No one was too upset driving to work in the semi-dark.  The rain was worth it!

Today’s awesome weather reminded us of a few storms we’ve survived.  Towards the end of one of our Philmont treks we were caught in rain and lightning.  We had to ‘assume the lightning’ position until the storm fizzled out.  Let’s just say we hope to NEVER crouch in the lightning position again!  Another wonderful adventure at Philmont left six of us playing endless hours of cards on top of Visto Grande.  The real kicker…we were crammed into a Philmont issued tent!!!  We were slightly smelly to say the least!

The most wonderful thing about a storm?  The glorious displays that follow.  Brilliant skies, double rainbows, magnificent colors, the contrast of dark skies and light.  There are wonderful storm skies to be had in your own backyard but there is just something about living through a storm and seeing the results first hand.  So standing on the top of Mt. Philips, looking over the ocean in the Florida Keys or watching the raging whitewater after rafting makes waiting out a storm so worthwhile.  The opportunity to experience the power of a thunderstorm and see the radiance following have all been through Venturing.  Without Venturing the smells of the Ponderosa Pines at 10,000 feet would never have been possible.  The smell of salt off the ocean and the rolls of sea foam would be non-existent.

Venturing is an opportunity.  An opportunity to go places you never would, to experience challenges on a whole new level, to build friendships that will last a lifetime and to be a part of something so much bigger than yourself.  Venturing is an opportunity of a lifetime.  What will you do with it?

It Takes a Special Mother

There is something extra special about a Scouting mother.  From a very early age mothers are the ones who help us along our scouting path.  They make sure our uniforms are washed and we know where to find our handbooks as Tiger Cubs.  They go door to door to help us deliver the boxes upon boxes of Boy Scout popcorn we sold.  They sew a bazillion Merit Badges onto our sashes and ensure we get to weekly meetings on time.  They walk us through the process of completing our Eagle Projects.  They encourage us to broaden our horizons by hiking 127 miles in the mountains of Philmont and to face our fears of deep sea scuba diving.  They stand by us as we receive our Bronze and Gold Awards and are welcomed into the roles of Crew President and Crew Secretary.

Through every little step of our Scouting careers our mothers are there to see us grow in leadership, community service and civic duty.  Without our Scouting mothers we probably would have given up at the first challenge we faced.  But because of our mothers, we have succeeded and we have the stories and memories for proof.  Thank you, moms, for encouraging us and for giving us the extra boost of focus when we needed it the most.  Happy Mother’s Day.

From Tiger Cub to Venturer:
Thank you, Mom.