Turkey Calls All Day Long

turkeys, deer and bears, oh my!

There’s nothing like prepping hundreds of nachos, burning your fingers while wrapping brats and hot dogs, rushing to grab the last jumbo sweet pretzel and listening to the bazillions of turkey calls while working 22 hours at the Civic Center.  You just can’t beat the insanity as you work like crazy restocking sodas, stuffing nachos in the back, refilling the coffee pots and swapping conversation with patrons.  The buzz that fills the exhibit hall is full of everything outdoorsy.  Every kind of turkey call is heard all day long and eventually you can tune out the gobblers and actually hear the orders been placed!  Though the hours are long it’s all worth the camaraderie between crew members and the laughs you get when you actually have a chance to breathe.  Good times had by one and all.  Look out Field & Stream Deer and Turkey Expo 2013…we’ll be waiting!


Civic Center Blitz

This weekend is stuffed to the brim with nachos, hot dogs, Coca Cola, popcorn, pork chops, and jumbo candies.  For two whole days the gang will be at the Field & Stream Dear and Turkey Expo.  We’ll work the concessions to raise money for our trips and so that we can purchase much needed equipment.  If we’re lucky we’ll be able to wander around the expo for a minute or two between rolling hot dogs and stuffing nachos.  We might even get some ideas for future activities and create a ‘wishlist’ for the things we just can’t live without.