Flood Waters

This week Central Illinois was hammered with an excessive amount of rain.  There are more fields, roads and houses under water than we have seen in quite some time.

A few of our members have flood waters in their basements and spent all of Thursday afternoon mucking out their homes.  One of our most frequented camp grounds experienced heavy damage.  Camp Wokanda in rural Chillicothe had mudslides and flood waters destroy an outhouse, cause damage to trails and bridges and overall wreck havoc throughout the camp.

Flooding in Central Illinois

Our local Chillicothe Sportsman’s Club was holding a Youth Shooting Invitational this weekend but had to cancel.  The floodgates reached the club and have put the shooting ranges and the camping areas under water.

Students and members of the community have been sandbagging at the highschool all morning.  The waters are supposed to reach record highs this weekend.  Our community has been impacted and we will be out to help bring it back to its feet.


Thoughts and Prayers

This afternoon our nation faced another horrifying event.  Today and the days to come the members of Venture Crew 91 send our thoughts and prayers to Boston.  To all the members of the race, the family members and the first responders we are thinking of you all.

Nothin’ to do But Sing

The few things that are guaranteed to be a part of a Venturing weekend include food, craziness, more food, goofiness and loads of singing.  We might learn a lesson or two while we’re at it but it’s always jam-packed fun.   A weekend would not be complete without a few Scout Songs.

What are some of your favorite camp songs?  Care to share?

The Mark of The Beatles

The very famous and infamous Beatles struck a pose on King’s Road that has lived in infamy for decades. Now, we don’t claim to leave a mark on Chicago for years to come but we sure know how to cross a busy street. Never fear, all precautions in the name of safety were taken before crossing the street. 🙂

One day it would be super sweet if we actually took a trip to England as a crew.  We could go to King’s Road and strike the famous Beatles pose.  But an even better reason for our crew to visit England would be W.D. Boyce.

William Dickson “W.D.” Boyce is the founder of the Boy Scouts of America.  Legend holds he was in London in 1909 and one very foggy night he became lost.  Boyce could not find his way when out of the fog emerged a young man who showed him the way. W.D. Boyce was very grateful to the young man.  He asked the youth why he had performed such an unexpected form of good service.  The young man replied he was just doing his good turn as a Boy Scout and would not accept a tip.  Boyce never saw the youth again.

Mr. Boyce was so intrigued by this young man, upon his return home he investigated the Boy Scouts and Sir Baden Powell.  A few months later, Boyce founded the Boy Scouts of America.  The Beatles made quite the mark on the music industry.  But the mark of the Boy Scouts of America on the young men, and now women, of the United States is far greater than any rock ‘n’ roll band.

So while going to King’s Road would be quite thrilling the real excitement would be walking the streets of London and being grateful to the Unknown Scout for assisting W.D. Boyce.  If it were not for the London Fog Venture Crew 91 might never have come into existence.

unknown scout