Crusin’ with the Carp

We can’t have all work and no play so we decided to kick back and enjoy the Asian Carp.  Today was a ‘get ready for Relay for Life’ day.  We camo tie-dyed our team shirts and they’ll look pretty fantastic when they’re finished.  After grabbing a quick hot dog and brat off the grill we loaded up and headed to Lacon.  The night could not have been any better for tubing and speeding up the Illinois.  We’re not a tame bunch when it comes to tubing.  The only objective…to get thrown from the tube.  And really, if you’re honest with yourself you know getting thrown from the tube is your favorite too!!  Half of us road in the boat and the rest of us hung out on the pontoon as pick up and deliver when it was time to swap.  We’re all about including family in our crazy activities so we had quite the group on the river.  We can’t wait until the next river jaunt!

Not Yet Thrown

Can’t Wait to be Big

About to be Launched


Westward Ho!

Excitement is in the air!  This afternoon we have officially decided to spend next summer in a westward adventure!  The plans are only just beginning but we know there are few places we most definitely will be going.  Mount Rushmore is a must see and will be amazing.  Stopping in to see the Rockies for sure.  We’d like to go whitewater rafting maybe in Colorado.  And everyone agrees camping in the Grand Canyon is an absolute must!!!  There will more than likely be other places along the way.  There will definitely be plenty of opportunities for service projects and conservation projects while we’re out and about.  We’ll keep you posted on our plans!  If you have any suggestions on places we should visit please let us know!

Knee-High Sock Tans

If you’ve ever spent anytime at a Boy Scout camp you know exactly to what we refer.  There is something special about going to camp for a week and looking forward to the crazy tan you’ll receive from the Scout socks you decide to wear.  Our very own Crew President spent 10 days at Ingersoll Scout Reservation and she managed to escape without this distinguishing mark.  We are very proud of President and her accomplishments.  Last year she attended the National Youth Leadership Training at Ingersoll as a participant and this year she was asked to b e Team Guide.  She was the only female youth and the sole Venturing representative on NYLT staff.  Though she escaped without the mark of the Knee-High Sock Tan she did not leave the week unscathed.  A fierce collision with a participant during an activity left her a gimp halfway through the week.

After an eventful week and another successful training of 48 youth leaders in the W.D. Boyce Council the tired and excited NYLT staffers came home to rest and revel in the memories of the previous week.  Let the planning for NYLT 2013 begin!!


Everyone in the Crew has been counting down the days.  We’ve been waiting since last September for this day to come.  At long last today was the day to launch the Crew boat!!  After months and months of waiting and talking and planning the wait is over.   Thanks to a super group of fellows the Crew boat has met the water and now we just need to find us some carp and some sunny weather and we’re set for the summer.  We hope to see you on the river!

The Chicken Dance

When you go to the ball game you might be expected to have fun.  It’s a good thing Crew 91 knows how to party.  We’re not too concerned with what others are thinking.  We just want to have a good time.  Every year the Peoria Chief’s host the Boy Scouts of America at a summer game.  Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturers all come together for an evening  at the ball park.  We were by far the group singing all the songs, even after the songs was over, moving to all the dances and cheering the loudest.  We might not have sang very beautifully but we sure had a good time and everybody around us sure got a good laugh or two.  It doesn’t matter what we’re doing or where we’re at we always find a way to have a great time!

Movin’ and a Groovin’