Action Shooting, Buffalo Rifles – What more do we need?

Last weekend was quite successful if you gauge the number shells, cartridges and arrows shot.  In reality there would be too many to count!  Half the crew was present at the most favored activity of the year – which is quite the showing.  Safety is always the priority but FUN is key!  One of our members shot for the very first time and her favorite was probably the Buffalo Rifle where she0 hit all the targets!  Every type, okay that might be a slight exaggeration, was fired or shot on Saturday.  In addition to the Buffalo Rifle some of the other favorites were single barrel .12 gauges at the trap shooting, CMP Rifles and of course there is always the stand by – the .22.

most of the gang

Unlike last year when it down right caused a gully wash this year the weather was pristine.  The perfect weather brought the shooters out in droves and we were not to be excluded.  One full day of shooting is not quite enough but it will have to tide us over til next year’s extravaganza.

Youth Shooting Invitational

Youth Shooting Invitational

Youth Shooting Invitational


Shooting Happy

This weekend marks one of the most AMAZING!!!! activities of the year!  The Crew will have quite the representation at the Chillicothe Sportsman’s Club Youth Shooting Invitational.  Every year the members of the Club host youth and Scouts from throughout the area for a weekend chock full of all things that shoot.  It’s the favorite because you shoot practically everything and you shoot as much as you can as often as you can and fall to sleep meeting your shooting quota for a least one more weekend.  There are awards for the believable and for the imaginable.  What good would a shooting award be if it weren’t made out of a shell, a clay pigeon or a broken shaft?  All the shooting your trigger finger can handle will be available for the entire weekend.  We’ll be some of the first on the range and most definitely the last to leave!  Super EXCITED for the weekend!!!