Shooting Happy

This weekend marks one of the most AMAZING!!!! activities of the year!  The Crew will have quite the representation at the Chillicothe Sportsman’s Club Youth Shooting Invitational.  Every year the members of the Club host youth and Scouts from throughout the area for a weekend chock full of all things that shoot.  It’s the favorite because you shoot practically everything and you shoot as much as you can as often as you can and fall to sleep meeting your shooting quota for a least one more weekend.  There are awards for the believable and for the imaginable.  What good would a shooting award be if it weren’t made out of a shell, a clay pigeon or a broken shaft?  All the shooting your trigger finger can handle will be available for the entire weekend.  We’ll be some of the first on the range and most definitely the last to leave!  Super EXCITED for the weekend!!!


Absolutely Perfect!

This weather is perfect for so many things.  Perfect for a wizard from the Ice Cream Shack.  Perfect for a baseball game.  Perfect for an afternoon at the park. But more importantly, it’s perfect for a weekend of camping!

Nothing like a Piggyback Ride

Marshmallow Pounding

During a week that is seemingly perfect in every way it is incredibly hard to be focused at work, at school when all you can think about is the outdoors.  To be trapped on the inside and to be restricted to only looking is…torture.


But looking means there is at least a window and daydreaming comes easily.  A weekend of camping can mean many things.

To us it might mean a game of capture the flag, fishing in a warmed pond, Tippecanoe, star gazing, a game of volleyball, a night hike or just hanging around the fire.  There are so many things warm weather brings but most definitely best of all…camping with a crazy group of guys and gals who make horrible jokes and spend a weekend thoroughly enjoying one another’s company.

Ballet and Camping? Check!

Camo, Debris, Dirt and a Class B

The week kicked off with quite the bang.  Wednesday saw us at our first Relay for Life fund raiser.   An evening of raking away leaves, clearing winter’s damages and gearing up for a fantastic spring.  Thanks to Cheri for being our first donation and for spreading the word about our team, Life Crew 91.

one to rake, two to watch and the fourth to supervise

In the world of Crew 91 there is no way to have a bonfire without having a good ol’ fashioned game of capture the flag.  You might think you know capture the flag but until you’ve played with the crew you have no idea what you’re missing!  Capture the flag is not just any old game it’s taken seriously and if you play you better be in it to win…there is no other option.  No flashlights, just sheer darkness and you better be in fatigues.

after raking the class b's are put away

No sleeping in on Saturdays for Crew 91, just car washing all day long.  There was quite the showing on Saturday at Precision Auto Wash in Chillicothe for our little Relay fund raiser.  The weather was a little dreary but it didn’t take long for the sun to come out and with it bring the dirty cars of Chilli.  Thanks to everyone who came out to support Relay for Life.  There were semi-dirty cars, crazy dirty cars and then the immensely dirty cars recently released from mudding adventures.  All in all the day was a huge success!

even Audis get dirty