The Adventures

Anywhere and everywhere is our motto.  There are so many wild adventures yet to be had but we think we’ve conquered a few.  And the ones we put in our cadre are always on the board for another visit.  So where have we been, you might ask, well take a gander below and found out for yourself.

Catching whitewater on the Ocoee in Tennessee

The Canoe Slalom event of the 1996 Olympic Games were held on this river!  You feel quite capable when you’ve come to the end. 🙂

a week of scuba in the florida keys

A total of 15 dives, including one night dive, equal some of the most amazing views of the ocean floor at Florida Sea Base.  Can’t wait for more!

trekking through Boundary Waters by canoe for a week of adventure

We only got lost once and ended up in Canada.  While at Northern Tier our guide was from Norway and all our hard work paid off for a wonderful view of the north.

high COPES, kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking and loads of swimming jam-packed into one very full week!

The High Adventure Program offered at Tomahawk Scout Reservation is fabulous and offers an awesome week of challenges. 

3 gals, 3 guys and 2 advisors later the peaks and valleys of Philmont are conquered

Only 127 miles in 12 days at one of the most beautiful places on earth, Philmont Scout Ranch, can a group get as close knit as this crew.

tricycle jousting at a weekend just for venturers

Every year the Greater St. Louis Area Council hosts the Fall Fun Rally, a gathering of Venture Scouts from all over the country.  For one weekend there are more than 1,000 Venturers in one place a scads of activities.  Mud Caving, tricycle jousting, crew competitions, cast iron skillet competitions, shooting, climbing and so much more.


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