Eagle Scout!!

The path to Eagle Scout comes in many shapes and sizes.  No two scouts share the same path.  The basics are the same, the requirements are the same but the actual journey is the decision of the individual scout.

We could not be more proud to announce Trevor Nigus as the newest Eagle Scout of Crew 91.  We are incredibly proud of you, Trevor, and all you have accomplished.  Congratulations!

Eagle Scout - Crew 91



The Journey To Eagle Pt. 1

Goodness are we excited to tell you about all the activities of Crew 91. But nothing could excite us more than to announce Trevor has begun his Eagle Scout Service Project! Woot, woot!!

Over the past four months Trevor has been collaborating with the Chilllicothe Historical Society to bring you a renovated cottage.  He has diligently sought out advisors to help him along his way.  With an adult representative each from the Historical Society and the Crew, Trevor has laid the foundations to complete his Eagle Project well in advanced of the date desired by the Historical Society.

Trevor's Eagle Scout Project

The little cottage behind the main building of the Chillicothe Historical Society used to be a detached garage.  Today it functions as a Cottage with displays about the local area.  However, it has been in need of an exterior overhaul for sometime.  When Trevor approached the Historical Society it did not take long for them to propose residing The Cottage, painting the windows, replacing two exterior doors, and repairing an exterior light fixture.  The old wood siding was peeling and chipping and the windows were looking a little dreary.

Trevor's Eagle Scout Project

Trevor’s first day of service got off to a great start on Saturday, April 11.  While a couple of people worked on replacing the exterior doors the rest of the group got started with the residing.  Goodness, what a difference vibrant white vinyl siding makes on a building with previously cracked and chipped paint!

After just a few hours of service the siding was coming right along.  The side door was a little bit of struggle but the volunteers persevered and the stubborn exterior door was conquered!  Trevor has done a great job not only organizing the necessary supplies for the project but seeking guidance from more experienced adults to learn the ins and outs of residing a building.  He’s learned new skills and in turn taught others the skills he has learned.  In the end, that’s the purpose of an Eagle Scout Service Project, to grow and then to grow others.  Nothing like the teaching E.D.G.E at work!

One Badge at a Time

Music Merit BadgeIt takes 21 Merit Badges to attain the rank of Eagle Scout.  There are 10 required badges and the other 11 badges can be selected based on personal interests.  One by one the required badges are sewn onto the Merit Badge Sash and soon the non-requireds join their brothers  to make a complete set.  The time, the dedication and the knowledge gained on the path might be a long one but full of excitement along the way.  Congratulations to Trevor for completing one more merit badge as he works towards the full set of 21!

On My Honor

Today a young man in our Venture Crew recommitted himself to those three simple words, On My Honor. In the scouting world those three words mean so much.  They encompass trustworthiness, loyalty, helpfulness, friendliness and the other eight points of the Scout Law. Today, Trevor completed his board of review to attain the rank of Star Scout.  We cannot be more proud.

Camp Tomahawk 2010

Trevor is the first Venturer of Crew 91 to work on Boy Scout requirements through the Crew with every intention of attaining the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout. He has become the first Star Scout of Venture Crew 91 and we wish him all the luck in the world. Before Trevor was even old enough to join the Crew he was an honorary member. He’s been around for what seems like forever. It’s hard to remember the crew without him.

A little 198 Buds

As your ambitions to achieve Eagle come closer and closer, Trevor, know you have the full support of the Crew. We will walk beside you as you work on those difficult Required Merit Badges. We will work alongside you as you plan, put into action and execute your Eagle Scout Project. We will stand beside you the day the Eagle Scout Medal is pinned to your uniform.

Camp Tomahawk 2010

We cannot wait to see where scouting takes you. Even more importantly, we are excited to watch you mature into a young man who lives by his honor.  Congratulations, Trevor.