Community Party

For the past 14 years the Chilliothe Christian Church has been the host of the Big Day Event.  Everyone in the community is invited to attend the church service followed by an opportunity to check out ways to volunteer in and around Chillicothe.  The church provided everyone with lunch, desserts and activities.

The Fellas

This year Venture Crew 91 had the chance to share what Venturing is all about.  Because our crew is so very community service minded we were able to tell everyone in attendance we can’t wait to serve the rest of Chillicothe.  Half of everyone who was around for the day did not know the differences between a troop and crew.

We were even able to drum up some youth interest in Venturing.  Hopefully we’ll end up with not only new youth for the crew but also other opportunities to serve our community!

And never do we miss an opportunity to bring out the inner-child!  There were five inflatables and we played!  We raced, we jumped, we slid…overall it was a super day!

We are NOT too Old!

Just Playing


That’s Handy!

As we all know the Boy Scouts of America is all about the preparedness!  One way units have become better prepared is through a partnership with the American Red Cross.  The Red Cross partnered with the BSA to develop Wilderness and Remote First Aid training.  Unit leaders are encouraged to be trained in WFA and it is required in order to attend any of the high adventure programs.  If you have not had the opportunity to receive this training contact your local council to see if they have anyone who can provide the training.  You can always contact your local Red Cross chapter for class availability as well.

But there is a really nifty new piece of preparedness information available to scouters these days!  The Red Cross just published a First Aid application for smartphones that is incredibly handy.  You can peruse anything from hypothermia to heart attack to shock and bleeding.  You select the type of injury or symptom and it walks you through how to respond.  And a really neat aspect of the app: it will give you links to other possible related first aid that could be required. And the best part about the Red Cross First Aid application?  It is completely and totally FREE!

Though we do not always allow electronics at scouting activities  it is very handy and easily downloadable!  We’re excited about the app but we sure are hoping we never have to use it!

Smells of Fall

A switch was flipped and Central Illinois is full of fall.  The leaves may have not changed but everything else is in full swing.  The crispness of the air, the waft of harvested corn and the smell of burning leaves completes the fall scenery.  Our crew loves the fall!!

If there is one thing we love about fall it would definitely be s’mores!  There is nothing like a freshly squashed marshmallow smacked between a heap of chocolate and graham crackers!  The gooyer the better!!

Another autumn perk, marshmallow wars!  We’re not very sophisticated, there are no set rules or parameters but we sure do love a good ‘mallow throw-down.  Not all marshmallows are edible following said fight but there are always more on hand for consumption.

The impromptu bonfire quickly becomes an evening spent at a crew member’s home full of all of the above and of course capture the flag.  Unlike marshmallow wars the game of capture the flag is taken quite seriously…down to boundary lines and war paint (on occasion).

So in a nutshell we love autumn and can’t wait to fully embrace all of the treasures fall has to offer!