Oh Committee Meetings!

I don’t know about you but meetings are not usually on my Top 10 list of things I enjoy.  But when it comes to Crew 91 Committee Meetings you never know what to expect.  We have a blast.  Who says you can’t have a good time and be productive, too!

We have yet to have a Committee Meeting that does not involve delicious food, a bowl of laughs with jokes and jabs all around.  This month’s meeting was no different.  Our very youngest and honorary Venturer joined us for our meeting and she had us in stitches all night long.  You never know what a 3 year old will do with her mother’s old dance costumes.   To say the least we were all enjoying ourselves!

Just to be clear, we definitely got everything on the agenda accomplished!


Aren’t We Pretty?

Getting Dressed Up


A Delicious Gathering of Wood Badgers

You can always tell when Wood Badgers gather…there is non-stop singing. So on Sunday night the Beavers kicked off the Gilwell Song and I’d like to say we sounded wonderful but that would be a lie. 🙂 We sang our little hearts out and by the end of the first round we were pretty amazing, just saying.

The annual Wood Badge dinner is a wonderful way for old Wood Badgers and new Wood Badgers to reminisce and to share new stories. It is an even more amazing opportunity for leaders to recognize the importance of training and the impact it has on their home units. So many wonderful resources are gained from Wood Badge. Those resources come in the forms of material and human.

When you leave Gilwell Field you do not leave your learning experience behind. So many tools are provided to participants it can be overwhelming. The friendships bring so many ideas and knowledge. You have so many thoughts and ideas after Wood Badge and you know you can lean on your fellow Wood Badgers for guidance and support. The Gilwell Song is not the only thing that will stay with you for the duration of your scouting career. The friendships fostered, the knowledge gained, the thirst for additional training, the desire to improve your leadership and your unit stays with you forever. If ever an opportunity arises where you can participate in a Wood Badge course do so, it will be a decision you will not regret.
I used to be a Beaver, and a good old Beaver too. But now I’ve finished Beavering, I don’t know what to do. I’m growing old and feeble, and I can Beaver no more. So I’m going to work my ticket if I can. Back to Gillwell, happy land, I’m going to work my ticket, if I can.


Lee receiving his Beads!!

Spooktacular Evening

A delicious evening of frights and scares was brought to Chillicothe the Friday before Halloween. In our scary garb and blood stained faces we brought screams and looks of horror to little faces. The room was set, the spiderwebs hung and skeletons dangled as small little feet were tormented through the hall. We filled the room with smoke and fog and before we knew it we had scared them all. But it wasn’t long until the hall was filled with blaring fire alarms from the smoke that clogged our Haunted House. But never fear we persevered and soon thereafter we haunted and frightened all the kiddos who dare tread through our haunted halls.

Volunteering at Pearce Community Center’s 22nd Annual Spooktacular