The day the entire city thought would never come graced us with its presence today.  It RAINED!!!!  We’ve been waiting all summer for a day full of rain and rain it did!  First thing this morning the clouds rolled in thick and heavy and even activated street lamps.  No one was too upset driving to work in the semi-dark.  The rain was worth it!

Today’s awesome weather reminded us of a few storms we’ve survived.  Towards the end of one of our Philmont treks we were caught in rain and lightning.  We had to ‘assume the lightning’ position until the storm fizzled out.  Let’s just say we hope to NEVER crouch in the lightning position again!  Another wonderful adventure at Philmont left six of us playing endless hours of cards on top of Visto Grande.  The real kicker…we were crammed into a Philmont issued tent!!!  We were slightly smelly to say the least!

The most wonderful thing about a storm?  The glorious displays that follow.  Brilliant skies, double rainbows, magnificent colors, the contrast of dark skies and light.  There are wonderful storm skies to be had in your own backyard but there is just something about living through a storm and seeing the results first hand.  So standing on the top of Mt. Philips, looking over the ocean in the Florida Keys or watching the raging whitewater after rafting makes waiting out a storm so worthwhile.  The opportunity to experience the power of a thunderstorm and see the radiance following have all been through Venturing.  Without Venturing the smells of the Ponderosa Pines at 10,000 feet would never have been possible.  The smell of salt off the ocean and the rolls of sea foam would be non-existent.

Venturing is an opportunity.  An opportunity to go places you never would, to experience challenges on a whole new level, to build friendships that will last a lifetime and to be a part of something so much bigger than yourself.  Venturing is an opportunity of a lifetime.  What will you do with it?


Crusin’ with the Carp

We can’t have all work and no play so we decided to kick back and enjoy the Asian Carp.  Today was a ‘get ready for Relay for Life’ day.  We camo tie-dyed our team shirts and they’ll look pretty fantastic when they’re finished.  After grabbing a quick hot dog and brat off the grill we loaded up and headed to Lacon.  The night could not have been any better for tubing and speeding up the Illinois.  We’re not a tame bunch when it comes to tubing.  The only objective…to get thrown from the tube.  And really, if you’re honest with yourself you know getting thrown from the tube is your favorite too!!  Half of us road in the boat and the rest of us hung out on the pontoon as pick up and deliver when it was time to swap.  We’re all about including family in our crazy activities so we had quite the group on the river.  We can’t wait until the next river jaunt!

Not Yet Thrown

Can’t Wait to be Big

About to be Launched

Knee-High Sock Tans

If you’ve ever spent anytime at a Boy Scout camp you know exactly to what we refer.  There is something special about going to camp for a week and looking forward to the crazy tan you’ll receive from the Scout socks you decide to wear.  Our very own Crew President spent 10 days at Ingersoll Scout Reservation and she managed to escape without this distinguishing mark.  We are very proud of President and her accomplishments.  Last year she attended the National Youth Leadership Training at Ingersoll as a participant and this year she was asked to b e Team Guide.  She was the only female youth and the sole Venturing representative on NYLT staff.  Though she escaped without the mark of the Knee-High Sock Tan she did not leave the week unscathed.  A fierce collision with a participant during an activity left her a gimp halfway through the week.

After an eventful week and another successful training of 48 youth leaders in the W.D. Boyce Council the tired and excited NYLT staffers came home to rest and revel in the memories of the previous week.  Let the planning for NYLT 2013 begin!!

What Now?

School is out and the summer is ahead of us!  The long awaited time has come to enjoy the bliss of summer and all it holds.  There are so many summer activities but the best activities are those in the water.  Since we live on the Illinois River why not spend the majority of the summer basking in the sun?  That is just what we are going to do.  As soon as the speed boat is cleaned and readied for the river we’ll be out and about racing up and down the Illinois.  We’ll be holding on for dear life as we’re flung back and forth on our tubes.  There will be King of the Inner Tube – a feat not easily won.  There will be brutal tidal waves and barrel rolling.  There is absolutely no reason to be board this summer…join Venture Crew 91 on the Illinois!  Are you game?

Ready for Summer

It Takes a Special Mother

There is something extra special about a Scouting mother.  From a very early age mothers are the ones who help us along our scouting path.  They make sure our uniforms are washed and we know where to find our handbooks as Tiger Cubs.  They go door to door to help us deliver the boxes upon boxes of Boy Scout popcorn we sold.  They sew a bazillion Merit Badges onto our sashes and ensure we get to weekly meetings on time.  They walk us through the process of completing our Eagle Projects.  They encourage us to broaden our horizons by hiking 127 miles in the mountains of Philmont and to face our fears of deep sea scuba diving.  They stand by us as we receive our Bronze and Gold Awards and are welcomed into the roles of Crew President and Crew Secretary.

Through every little step of our Scouting careers our mothers are there to see us grow in leadership, community service and civic duty.  Without our Scouting mothers we probably would have given up at the first challenge we faced.  But because of our mothers, we have succeeded and we have the stories and memories for proof.  Thank you, moms, for encouraging us and for giving us the extra boost of focus when we needed it the most.  Happy Mother’s Day.

From Tiger Cub to Venturer:
Thank you, Mom.

Sprinkles, Chocolate and Doughnuty Goodness

Our amazing volunteer Ambulance Rescue 33 had their annual fundraiser this past weekend and we were there to help!  Who could possibly turn down making homemade doughnuts, dipping them in frosting, plopping on sprinkles and eating the misshaped ones?  No one, especially members of Crew 91!!!!  For a whole weekend the town smells like doughnuts and what a wonderful smell.  Not only do you get to make thousands of doughnuts in a day, you get to eat all the ones that look a little funky!  I do believe “funky doughnuts” are made just for the pleasure of eating one fresh off the line.  The smell of doughnuts goes home with you, gets stuck in your hair and embedded in your clothes.  But we wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Thanks Rescue 33 for your volunteer services and for being one of the best in the state.  Your free services do not go unnoticed.  On behalf of Chillicothe, Crew 91 thanks you for your daily sacrifices.

Civic Center Blitz

This weekend is stuffed to the brim with nachos, hot dogs, Coca Cola, popcorn, pork chops, and jumbo candies.  For two whole days the gang will be at the Field & Stream Dear and Turkey Expo.  We’ll work the concessions to raise money for our trips and so that we can purchase much needed equipment.  If we’re lucky we’ll be able to wander around the expo for a minute or two between rolling hot dogs and stuffing nachos.  We might even get some ideas for future activities and create a ‘wishlist’ for the things we just can’t live without.