Venturing is Pretty Niffty

There are a whole lot of things that make Venturing an incredible program: high adventure, scuba diving, marshmallow wars, leadership training and team building activities.  But the most amazing things about Venturing are the friendships forged.

Venture Crew91

January has brought a lot of cold and a bunch of snow.  We thought skiing would be a great way to take advantage of the weather.  We planned a little Venturing ski trip but things did not pan out as expected.  Our skiing trip was cancelled.

Venture Crew 91

It was the Saturday before MLK Day and a small group of friends, who just happened to be Venture Scouts, decided even though the Crew was not going to ski they were going to go skiing.  Monday morning a group of eight friends and two family members made their way to Dubuque, IA.

Venture Crew 91

Despite the Crew  skiing activity being cancelled this group of friends decided to make a day for themselves.  Venturing is not just about getting together a few times a month, hanging out, having a good time and then going back to life as it was.  Venturing is about the friendships that span beyond the meeting and into every day life and follow you throughout the rest of your life.  Skiing at Sundown Mountain on January 20 is proof our Crew is made of friends who have become family.

Venture Crew 91


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