Pomp and Circumstance

May always seems to be a flurry of activity.  Between weddings, and graduations and the occasional Venturing activity the month quickly fades into June.   We don’t know about you but is it hard to sit through graduations ceremonies without thinking of Scouting songs?  It is for us!  One particular song automatically starts rolling through the brain…My Turtle Swims Sideways.

Inevitably as soon as Pomp and Circumstance makes its way into the audience this little ditty comes to mind:

My turtle swims sideways

Your turtle swims upside down

My turtle swims sideways

Your turtle is dead!

Tank the Turtle

 In our little crew we have had quite the graduation season.  We have one crew member graduating from every level of education.  We cannot be more proud of all everyone has accomplished and cannot wait to see what their futures have in store.


Graduating from Chillicothe Elementary Center is our dear Megan.  Megan has been hanging out with the crew for the past 7-8 months as an unofficial member of the crew.  In order to be a full-fledged youth in any Venture Crew you must be either 14 years old or 13 and completed 8th grade.  Well, congratulations, Megan!  You’ve successfully conquered junior high and are heading off to high school!

Crew 91 Graduates

Leaving Illinois Valley Central High School as a well-rounded senior is our enthusiastic Tanner.  Tanner has quite the scouting career starting as far back as a Cub Scout, moving into Boy Scouts, attaining the rank of Eagle Scout and joining Crew 91.    Kudos to you, Tanner and best of luck as you attend Illinois Central College this fall!

Crew 91 Graduates

Not to be excluded from the excitement, Arielle graduated from Moody Bible Institute with a Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Counseling.   Though too old to be a youth of Crew 91, Arielle made the transition to Associate Crew Advisor as soon as she was eligible.  Congratulations on a job well done for successfully navigating through the challenges of college life!  Best wishes as you hit the pavement!

Crew 91 Graduates

So the next time you’re sitting through graduation and cannot wait for Pomp and Circumstance to quit repeating itself, just sing a Crew 91 favorite: My Turtle Swims Sidesways.

My turtle


Ingersoll Scout Reservation

Lake Roberts

A small band of our Crew spent a lovely weekend at our council Boy Scout Camp, Ingersoll Scout Reservation in London Mills.  We were supposed to tent camp but at the last moment we got an upgrade to a new and improved campsite.  Tent camping was quickly left behind as we drew near to the luxury of Buckskin.  The Crew was asked to try out Buckskin’s platform four-man cabins.  Let us just say they were pretty fancy.  If you think platform tents are nice you need to try out the platform cabins!

the AMAZING platform cabins

Our merry little band ate like kings!  Chicken stir fry, delicious bacon, eggs and fried potato wedges, and a killer dinner of fresh fried fish from Lake Roberts with fried sweet potato chips!  There is nothing more satisfying than having dinner of a fresh catch of fish!  Outdoor fried sweet potato chips just have an extra special taste of flavor, one that cannot be ignored. Enjoying meals around the campfire is the absolutely best way to enjoy dinner!

frying the day’s catch

before they were dinner

yep, ate the whole batch

Now it might seem like all we did was eat the whole weekend but we were active too.  Fishing was the mainstay but tromps through the woods were in order and one crazy nut spent a half an hour in the FREEZING creek.  Making  sure we had to time for a service project was also squeezed in between the rain.  And we can’t forget the turtles.  Someone, who will remain nameless, terribly wants a turtle of his own and decided to see how many he could find.  Now just a little sidebar: No turtles were harmed or mistreated this fine rainy weekend.  One turtle, Franklin, quickly found its place in our hearts.  While they only remained with us for a short while, Franklin the Venture Crew 91 Turtle will always be our friend.

the crazies

our turtle friends

yes, he was crazy enough

service projecting