Moon Light vs. Cosmic Light

The snow came just in time for our first campout of the year.  We spent the weekend at Camp Wokanda surrounded by a light snow covering that made the weekend that much more enjoyable.  Friday night was full of laughs, delicious chili and we can’t have a Wokanda campout without the Pixy Stix!  The highlight of the evening was definitely when Jeremiah told Trevor he could only have a cookie if he took a good picture of Tori.  Trevor successfully took five pictures and was rewarded with five cookies.  Tori asked Trevor, “Can’t I have a cookie?  I was like…the muse!”  We busted into laughter!

A Peace Offering

Saturday morning was full of games and hauling of wood.  The wood burning stove practically drives you out of the cabin as soon as you walk in the door.  We played Dread Pirate, Worst Case Scenario and balloon paddle ball.  We attempted balloon paddle ball outdoors but were not successful, way too windy!


We traipsed to IVC High School for the Town Theatre’s Kids County Night.  We turned in 402 movie ticket stubs and received $701.16 to support the Venture Crew.  All it took was us going to the movies, saving our tickets and turning them into the Optimists.  What a bargain!

Thank you Chillicothe Town Theatre!

Thank you Chillicothe Town Theatre!

It’s not very often we’ll combine camping and bowling but we lucked out this weekend.  Friday night we spent an hour or so under the moon light and Saturday night we were splashed under cosmic light at Mt. Hawley.  There was an awesome bargain that included all you could eat pizza, wings, veggies, soda and cookies.  Needless to say we didn’t miss out!

All in all a wonderful weekend full of great friends, awesome food and fantabulous memories.  Now off to our next adventure!



Ingersoll Scout Reservation

Lake Roberts

A small band of our Crew spent a lovely weekend at our council Boy Scout Camp, Ingersoll Scout Reservation in London Mills.  We were supposed to tent camp but at the last moment we got an upgrade to a new and improved campsite.  Tent camping was quickly left behind as we drew near to the luxury of Buckskin.  The Crew was asked to try out Buckskin’s platform four-man cabins.  Let us just say they were pretty fancy.  If you think platform tents are nice you need to try out the platform cabins!

the AMAZING platform cabins

Our merry little band ate like kings!  Chicken stir fry, delicious bacon, eggs and fried potato wedges, and a killer dinner of fresh fried fish from Lake Roberts with fried sweet potato chips!  There is nothing more satisfying than having dinner of a fresh catch of fish!  Outdoor fried sweet potato chips just have an extra special taste of flavor, one that cannot be ignored. Enjoying meals around the campfire is the absolutely best way to enjoy dinner!

frying the day’s catch

before they were dinner

yep, ate the whole batch

Now it might seem like all we did was eat the whole weekend but we were active too.  Fishing was the mainstay but tromps through the woods were in order and one crazy nut spent a half an hour in the FREEZING creek.  Making  sure we had to time for a service project was also squeezed in between the rain.  And we can’t forget the turtles.  Someone, who will remain nameless, terribly wants a turtle of his own and decided to see how many he could find.  Now just a little sidebar: No turtles were harmed or mistreated this fine rainy weekend.  One turtle, Franklin, quickly found its place in our hearts.  While they only remained with us for a short while, Franklin the Venture Crew 91 Turtle will always be our friend.

the crazies

our turtle friends

yes, he was crazy enough

service projecting

Absolutely Perfect!

This weather is perfect for so many things.  Perfect for a wizard from the Ice Cream Shack.  Perfect for a baseball game.  Perfect for an afternoon at the park. But more importantly, it’s perfect for a weekend of camping!

Nothing like a Piggyback Ride

Marshmallow Pounding

During a week that is seemingly perfect in every way it is incredibly hard to be focused at work, at school when all you can think about is the outdoors.  To be trapped on the inside and to be restricted to only looking is…torture.


But looking means there is at least a window and daydreaming comes easily.  A weekend of camping can mean many things.

To us it might mean a game of capture the flag, fishing in a warmed pond, Tippecanoe, star gazing, a game of volleyball, a night hike or just hanging around the fire.  There are so many things warm weather brings but most definitely best of all…camping with a crazy group of guys and gals who make horrible jokes and spend a weekend thoroughly enjoying one another’s company.

Ballet and Camping? Check!