Saying Goodbye to 2013

We like to party.  Plain and simple.  Party we did right before Christmas.  We had a little snow and as a special treat one of committee members brought everyone a snowman.  The little card read as follows:

Money is scarce and times are hard. 

So I’m giving you this instead of a card.

Something to use, something to share. 

So bottoms up, just ’cause I care!

Merry Christmas!

Toilet Paper Snowmen

A few fancy games were played and most scrumptious food was enjoyed.  There can’t really be anything better than embarrassing yourself in front of your whole crew.  It’s a good thing we don’t embarrass very easily.  To get things started we played No Hands Cookie.  It is fairly simple really, you place any old cookie on your forehead and without using your hands you must get the cookie into your mouth.  Oh the many faces you’ll discover while trying to move a cookie across your face!

Eat the Cookie!

We take gift wrapping very seriously, as we should.  We wrap loads of gifts every year for the Chillicothe Community Needs Agency.  We took wrapping to a whole new level this year.  In teams of three with each team member allowed to use only one hand, teams had to wrap two packages complete with creased edges and bows.  There were points added for bows matching the paper, strict adherence to the one arm per person rule and bribing the judge.  The creative juices were flowing when figuring out how to cut tape with only one hand.



Following instructions is important, especially when drawing what you cannot see.  Some were more capable at scribbling on the plate atop their heads while others shouldn’t quit their day jobs.  Using a paper plate and instructions read by one player we had to draw exactly what was read, a fire place with a mantel, a Christmas tree with a shining star.  Some even attempted to cheat!  Who would ever think of cheating to get ahead in a little old party game?  Let’s just say we are not hitting the road anytime soon as local artists.

Artists in the Making

We are hilarious, that’s all there is to it.  We had each other cracking up at our funny faces ‘eating’ cookies.  Laughed at each other’s strategic plans to wrap gifts with only three hands.  And enjoyed scoring each others paper plate masterpieces.  Just too much fun was had by all.  What can we come up with next?  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


Absolutely Perfect!

This weather is perfect for so many things.  Perfect for a wizard from the Ice Cream Shack.  Perfect for a baseball game.  Perfect for an afternoon at the park. But more importantly, it’s perfect for a weekend of camping!

Nothing like a Piggyback Ride

Marshmallow Pounding

During a week that is seemingly perfect in every way it is incredibly hard to be focused at work, at school when all you can think about is the outdoors.  To be trapped on the inside and to be restricted to only looking is…torture.


But looking means there is at least a window and daydreaming comes easily.  A weekend of camping can mean many things.

To us it might mean a game of capture the flag, fishing in a warmed pond, Tippecanoe, star gazing, a game of volleyball, a night hike or just hanging around the fire.  There are so many things warm weather brings but most definitely best of all…camping with a crazy group of guys and gals who make horrible jokes and spend a weekend thoroughly enjoying one another’s company.

Ballet and Camping? Check!