Man is It Beyond Frigid!

The weather has turned slightly cold here in Illinois.  Who would have thought a few days ago we were in the 40s and today we’re barely in the positive digits!  Even though the weather turns your breath to ice there are still a bazillion things to do out doors…if you’re daring enough.

Now, we’re not saying we have braved the cold the past few days…crazy has to have its limits, we just thought we’d comment on the cold. 🙂

In a couple of days the gang will be getting together to plan the upcoming year.  A lot of crews plan for the year in the fall but we have always done our planning in the spring.  On the docket is our 2013 Relay for Life team, maybe a trip out West, Philmont in 2014, crazy summer river activities, camping at Ingersoll and whatever else our little imaginations conjure.

We’ll have a good time on Sunday and hopefully we’ll actually get things accomplished but what I love about our group are our not-planned hangout days.  A group of 12 of us decided to catch a movie this past Sunday, Lincoln.  The movie was excellent but being together for a few hours was even better.  We passed popcorn up and down the isles, crawled over each other to get refills and only attempted to trip each other once or twice.  If one movie wasn’t enough four of us went to another movie right after.  That’s what makes our crew special, we’re not just crew members, we’re friends.  No I take that back, we’re a family.

Life Crew 91

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Goodbye in Her Eyes

No, we didn’t say goodbye to anyone. We worked the Zac Brown Band concert last night at the Peoria Civic Center! Man what a night.  The crew manned two concession stands and worked our fannies off. The afternoon started at 3:30 and we walked out the door at 11:30!

Between the two stands we made quite a haul.  We work hard but in the end the work pays off.  All those nachos and wrapping of hotdogs, the burnt fingers from cheese that’s too hot, comes in handy when you want to go on a high adventure. Sure you might dream of pretzels and cheese and a marching line of nacho trays for the next two nights but the tradeoff is beyond rewarding.


For a few of us slopping nachos and carting cases of water means we get to attend the 2013 National Scouting Jamboree! A handful of others will be able spend a week in Canada fishing to their hearts’ desires because of all those hotdogs.   Or hauling all those ice buckets and getting covered in relish and sauerkraut means a venturing family whitewater rafting trip in Tennessee.

No matter the event or how long the hours, we know we’ll always have a fantastic time running the registers at the Peoria Civic Center! The rewards are twofold: an incredible time together for a few hours a month and the opportunities to experience the great outdoors later.

On My Honor

Today a young man in our Venture Crew recommitted himself to those three simple words, On My Honor. In the scouting world those three words mean so much.  They encompass trustworthiness, loyalty, helpfulness, friendliness and the other eight points of the Scout Law. Today, Trevor completed his board of review to attain the rank of Star Scout.  We cannot be more proud.

Camp Tomahawk 2010

Trevor is the first Venturer of Crew 91 to work on Boy Scout requirements through the Crew with every intention of attaining the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout. He has become the first Star Scout of Venture Crew 91 and we wish him all the luck in the world. Before Trevor was even old enough to join the Crew he was an honorary member. He’s been around for what seems like forever. It’s hard to remember the crew without him.

A little 198 Buds

As your ambitions to achieve Eagle come closer and closer, Trevor, know you have the full support of the Crew. We will walk beside you as you work on those difficult Required Merit Badges. We will work alongside you as you plan, put into action and execute your Eagle Scout Project. We will stand beside you the day the Eagle Scout Medal is pinned to your uniform.

Camp Tomahawk 2010

We cannot wait to see where scouting takes you. Even more importantly, we are excited to watch you mature into a young man who lives by his honor.  Congratulations, Trevor.

Toe Tag, Night Hikes and Bannister Waffles

If  there is one thing Crew 91 knows how to do well it would have to be partying!  We’re like one huge, happy-go-lucky family.  When we get together there are always bound to be laughs that cause your abs to hurt, crazy games no one else plays and adventures into the night.


This Christmas was no different and why would it be?  There were 30 Venturers and two honorary Venturers all packed into the OA Lodge at Camp Wokanda for a couple days following Christmas!  Apples to Apples was a riot.  The traditional Euchre game was full of hot air and big egos.  Our Finnish game of Toe Tag turned into a combo game of Toe Tag and Ninja.  Only a few hips and toes were left bruised.  🙂  But what kind of crew party would it be if there were no bruises?

IMG_2582 IMG_2565

We played a wild game of Christmas Song Trivia.  Some of us know our Christmas songs and some of us should listen to the All-Christmas-All-Season-Long stations a little more faithfully.  We promise to not make your ears bleed with our singing of the classic, all time Christmas favorites.  Let’s just say we did not sound all that wonderful!  But we sure did have a good time and that’s all the matters.



The night was complete after our annual Bannister Night Hike in the frigid fresh air.  This year was a bonus year…we didn’t get lost, no one was left behind, no one fell and we all made it back in one piece.  Those who were not brave enough to conquer the Bannister Night Hike will have to step up to the plate next year or else!  We sang to our hearts’ content while watching O’Brother Where Art Thou?  We giggled, some of us snorted and there was at least one RedGreen Laugh!

While the boys crashed on the main floor the girls froze upstairs in the newly completed loft and we started the morning off right with the highly popular and ever in-demand Bannister Waffle breakfast.  All in all a really fabulous couple of days spent with the ever crazy and wild guys and gals of Venture Crew 91!

IMG_2557 IMG_2545