Raking for a Cause

Today is the first day we begin fundraising for our Relay for Life Team: 91 Reasons.  We will be spring cleaning in a couple of yards this afternoon as a way  to fund raise for our team.  It seems as if every day we learn of someone else who is beginning the battle against cancer.  Crew 91 wants to help, even in a small way, by putting together a team, raising awareness and collecting donations to help fight the fight to put an end to cancer.  Though we’re only just starting, raking leaves for an afternoon is going to make difference.  Our question to you: how are you willing to make a difference?

Leave a comment to share ways your teams have brought awareness to your community and the harebrained ides you’ve pulled off to raise support.


Turkey Calls All Day Long

turkeys, deer and bears, oh my!

There’s nothing like prepping hundreds of nachos, burning your fingers while wrapping brats and hot dogs, rushing to grab the last jumbo sweet pretzel and listening to the bazillions of turkey calls while working 22 hours at the Civic Center.  You just can’t beat the insanity as you work like crazy restocking sodas, stuffing nachos in the back, refilling the coffee pots and swapping conversation with patrons.  The buzz that fills the exhibit hall is full of everything outdoorsy.  Every kind of turkey call is heard all day long and eventually you can tune out the gobblers and actually hear the orders been placed!  Though the hours are long it’s all worth the camaraderie between crew members and the laughs you get when you actually have a chance to breathe.  Good times had by one and all.  Look out Field & Stream Deer and Turkey Expo 2013…we’ll be waiting!

Corn Chowder to Help our Sponsor

Without a sponsoring organization there would be no Venture Crews.  Our crew is sponsored by the very generous Chillicothe United Methodist Men’s Club.  They have been our faithful sponsor since 2001.  As a way to show our appreciation we volunteer at their fundraisers and help in any way possible.  This evening’s supper was planned in November and who would have thought we’d have 80 degree weather in March.  We were a little worried about the turn out because of the nice weather and soup can be a hard sell when it’s practically 75 outside.  But overall there was a good showing of the community and all together the Men’s Club are happy with the results.

The members of our Men's Club

The best part about the evening is getting to mingle with the soup buyers.  We are able to tell them about the Venture Crew, tell them thanks for supporting the Men’s Club and for sponsoring our Crew.  While we’re there we get to not only bus tables, clean dishes and mop at the end of the night we’re able to enjoy the dinner.  Helping our sponsoring organization for a few hours on a Friday evening is the least we can do to show them our appreciation.

serving drinks to our patrons

Sprinkles, Chocolate and Doughnuty Goodness

Our amazing volunteer Ambulance Rescue 33 had their annual fundraiser this past weekend and we were there to help!  Who could possibly turn down making homemade doughnuts, dipping them in frosting, plopping on sprinkles and eating the misshaped ones?  No one, especially members of Crew 91!!!!  For a whole weekend the town smells like doughnuts and what a wonderful smell.  Not only do you get to make thousands of doughnuts in a day, you get to eat all the ones that look a little funky!  I do believe “funky doughnuts” are made just for the pleasure of eating one fresh off the line.  The smell of doughnuts goes home with you, gets stuck in your hair and embedded in your clothes.  But we wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Thanks Rescue 33 for your volunteer services and for being one of the best in the state.  Your free services do not go unnoticed.  On behalf of Chillicothe, Crew 91 thanks you for your daily sacrifices.

Civic Center Blitz

This weekend is stuffed to the brim with nachos, hot dogs, Coca Cola, popcorn, pork chops, and jumbo candies.  For two whole days the gang will be at the Field & Stream Dear and Turkey Expo.  We’ll work the concessions to raise money for our trips and so that we can purchase much needed equipment.  If we’re lucky we’ll be able to wander around the expo for a minute or two between rolling hot dogs and stuffing nachos.  We might even get some ideas for future activities and create a ‘wishlist’ for the things we just can’t live without.

Venturers and Star-Tipping

This weekend we were camping at Camp Ingersoll in London Mills with venturers from throughout the W.D. Boyce Council.  The stars were glorious and we tried ‘star-tipping.’  Quite the exciting adventure, star-tipping.  You focus on one star, spin around for 15 seconds and then a flashlight’s turned on and your legs go limp and you collapse to the ground.  Quite fun and very hilarious to watch your friends as they go limp.  Maybe not as outgoing as planking but still loads of fun! Image

Ready for Relay

A cause near and dear to Crew 91’s heart is Relay for Life.  Every year for ages we have volunteered to help set-up the around-the-clock concession stand for Chillicothe’s Relay for Life.  We not only scrub down the concession stand we stay through ’til 12am pizza and watermelon time serving the teams and survivors.  It is an AWESOME experience and a fantastic way to cheer on and support cancer research.  This winter a friend lost his battle to cancer and we thought it time to step to the plate…for the first time ever Venture Crew 91 will actually hold a team during the 2012 Relay for Life at Illinois Valley Central High School.  Join us in supporting a fantastic cause.

Providing Hope