Eagle Scout!!

The path to Eagle Scout comes in many shapes and sizes.  No two scouts share the same path.  The basics are the same, the requirements are the same but the actual journey is the decision of the individual scout.

We could not be more proud to announce Trevor Nigus as the newest Eagle Scout of Crew 91.  We are incredibly proud of you, Trevor, and all you have accomplished.  Congratulations!

Eagle Scout - Crew 91



The Journey To Eagle Pt. 1

Goodness are we excited to tell you about all the activities of Crew 91. But nothing could excite us more than to announce Trevor has begun his Eagle Scout Service Project! Woot, woot!!

Over the past four months Trevor has been collaborating with the Chilllicothe Historical Society to bring you a renovated cottage.  He has diligently sought out advisors to help him along his way.  With an adult representative each from the Historical Society and the Crew, Trevor has laid the foundations to complete his Eagle Project well in advanced of the date desired by the Historical Society.

Trevor's Eagle Scout Project

The little cottage behind the main building of the Chillicothe Historical Society used to be a detached garage.  Today it functions as a Cottage with displays about the local area.  However, it has been in need of an exterior overhaul for sometime.  When Trevor approached the Historical Society it did not take long for them to propose residing The Cottage, painting the windows, replacing two exterior doors, and repairing an exterior light fixture.  The old wood siding was peeling and chipping and the windows were looking a little dreary.

Trevor's Eagle Scout Project

Trevor’s first day of service got off to a great start on Saturday, April 11.  While a couple of people worked on replacing the exterior doors the rest of the group got started with the residing.  Goodness, what a difference vibrant white vinyl siding makes on a building with previously cracked and chipped paint!

After just a few hours of service the siding was coming right along.  The side door was a little bit of struggle but the volunteers persevered and the stubborn exterior door was conquered!  Trevor has done a great job not only organizing the necessary supplies for the project but seeking guidance from more experienced adults to learn the ins and outs of residing a building.  He’s learned new skills and in turn taught others the skills he has learned.  In the end, that’s the purpose of an Eagle Scout Service Project, to grow and then to grow others.  Nothing like the teaching E.D.G.E at work!

Cheerful Service

One of our favorite aspects to Venturing are the opportunities created to give back to our community.  The last week in September afforded us two opportunities of service.  Both service projects benefited important organizations positively impacting the Chillicothe area.

Chillicothe Weekend Snackpac

Friday evening brought us to the 2nd Annual Chillicothe Weekend Snackpac Fundraiser.  Chillicothe Weekend Snackpac provides sack lunches to the students of Illinois Valley Central School District who otherwise would go hungry during the weekend.  We played a handful of roles at the fundraiser.  A few of us bused tables and refilled patrons’ drinks while others of us took turns serving the meal and informing the kitchen of what needed refilled.

Chillicothe Weekend Snackpac

It’s always nice being the kitchen help, you get fed well!  To have the opportunity to serve the Weekend Snackpac program is really more of a blessing to the members of the crew than it is to the program.  There is such a large need not only in Chillicothe but throughout the country.  Children go hungry on the weekends but with the assistance of the Chillicothe Weekend Snackpac program fewer children are feeling the pangs of hunger.

Illinois River Sweep

The morning started a little dreary but soon the Saturday sun made an appearance at the Chillicothe River Sweep. We met other Chillicotheans at Cutright Park to patrol the beaches for trash and unwanted debris.  Crew 91 partnered up for the morning with members of Troop 91.  We combed the beaches and parks and were rewarded with bags and bags of trash. The highlight of of patroling would probably be the baby snapping turtle we found or the discarded headless cement swan.

Illinois River Sweep

There are endless opportunities to volunteer and serve in your local community.  For ideas contact your local food pantry, chamber of commerce, school district or pet shelter.  There’s no need to be bored when there are countless ways to lend a hand, a shovel or a smile.  Happy serving!

Illinois River Sweep

Are you hungry?

If you are hungry, you’re not alone.  In the United States 1 in 6 Americans face hunger every day.  More than 50 million Americans suffer from hunger and 1 out of 5 is a child (feedingamerica.org).

So that is why Crew 91 volunteered last weekend to serve at a fundraiser to fight child hunger.  The Chillicothe First United Methodist Church, which happens to be our organizational sponsor, has a Weekend Snacpack program.  Members of the church recognized there were children in the IVC School District who were hungry.  They pulled their resources and are now serving 157 children.

Photo Courtesy of Chillicothe Weekend Snacpack

The Chillicothe Weekend Snackpack program has a goal to feed every hungry child in the school district each weekend.  What an amazing goal and how incredible .  We were more than happy to serve a delicious pork chop meal, bus tables, serve drinks and clean up to support this much needed program.

Photo Courtesy of Chillicothe Weekend Snacpack

What can you do to be involved?  Start by becoming informed.  Take the Hunger Knowledge test sponsored by Feeding America.  Check out the Chillicothe Weekend Snacpack program sponsored by the Chillicothe First United Methodist Church.  Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or food pantry.  There are hundreds of ways to get involved.

Chillicothe Weekend Snacpack

You don’t have to take on the 16.7 million hungry children of the United States (feedingamerica.org).  Start in your backyard.  You might be surprised by what you find.

Cotton Candy, Minions and Wilma

This past Sunday we were able to give back to an organization that has supported us with over $1,100 in financial support.  The Chillicothe Town Theatre held a fundraiser to help pay for the new digital projectors that were installed last year.  Volunteering at their event was a great way to show our appreciation to The Town Theatre.

Chillicothe Town Theatre

Woody and Bullseye

We were able to serve in a couple of different ways.  We ran the cotton candy machine at the concession stand and served nachos and sodas.

Chillicothe Town Theatre

Concession Stand Professionals


Cotton Candy Slingers


We paraded around the event in different costumes and had our pictures taken with Optimist members and little children.  We’re pretty sure we had more fun dressing up than anything else from the day.

Our Youngest Venture Scout

Our Youngest Venture Scout

The event was a wonderful success and the Chillicothe Optimist Club can make another payment on the digital projectors.  It was a great way to spend a hot Sunday afternoon.

Chillicothe Town Theatre

Woody, Batman & Sponge Bob



Fred and Wilma

Fred and Wilma

It’s Been a While

Well, it’s been ages since we’ve posted about anything happening in the land of Venture Crew 91.  So we decided we’ll do one massive post with loads of pictures to get caught up on our happenings.

We participated in Relay for Life and had quite the blast.  There was a crazy marshmallow war that took place at the Bannister’s.  There were not any winners but the game was sure fun.  Try using the massive marshmallows, ripping them apart and then throwing them…they stick to your targets!  🙂

Relay for Life 2013

Four of our members traveled to West Virginia to participate in the National Scout Jamboree as members of Jamboree Crew F404!  What an awesome experience!  We’ll dedicate a whole post to the Jamboree.  There were just too many amazing things that took place for a synopsis.

Jamboree Crew F404

Jamboree Crew F404

Every year the Chillicothe Chamber of Commerce holds the CornFest.  This year 125 dozen ears of corn were shucked, cleaned and steamed.  Members of Crew 91 served hundreds of Chillicotheans close 1500 ears of corn!  It was a great way to spend an evening giving back to our community.

Chillicothe Chamber of Commerce CornFest 2013

We’re headed to Philmont next summer and we’ve been getting ready.  Summer 2014 seems ages away but it’s never too early to start hiking.  We spent a Sunday morning right after Jamboree hiking the trails at Camp Wokanda.  It was perfect hiking weather and we’ll be hitting the trails for many months to come.

Philmont Prep Hike

We attempted to use our speed boat last Sunday and that turned into an adventure all by its self.  Attempt would be the operative word.  Our speed boat is super fabulous…when it runs!  We backed into the river and the boat was running.  The boat ran for maybe two minutes tops…while still on the trailer!  But never fear, Craig came to the rescue with his fancy fishing boat and saved the day.  The weather was perfect, the water was fine and who knew a fishing boat could haul a tube at speeds fast enough to almost barrel roll.

Rocking the Bannister Fishing Boat!

Rocking the Bannister Fishing Boat!

The summer has almost drawn to a close.  School resumes in our little town next week.  Just because the summer is about to end does not mean the adventures will cease.  We’re looking forward to an outstanding school year!

A Day for Green

Yesterday we saw thousands and thousands of people decked to the nines in the color green.  There are  St. Patrick’s Day fanatics who paint their bodies, die their hair and wear only green on March 17.  The celebration of St. Patrick’s Day has been a recognized holiday for thousands of years in Ireland.  But to truly see the Sea of Green all you have to do is really step out your back door.


Green on St. Patrick’s Day symbolizes the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland, St. Patrick.  The famed shamrock we see on display is said to have been used by St. Patrick to explain the Holy Trinity.

Green to Venturers all across the United States means adventure, opportunity, friendships and thrills of a life time.  The green of a Venturing uniform sparks questions from the public when they see us at community service projects or catching the train to Philmont.  Many have heard of the Boy Scouts of America but ask, “What is Venture Crew?”  The green of our uniforms makes us stand out and allows us to share all that Venturing has to offer.

We may not be as dedicated to green as some of our fine St. Patrick’s Day celebrators but we’re committed to the values and mission for which the green uniform of the Venturing Program stands.