Everyone in the Crew has been counting down the days.  We’ve been waiting since last September for this day to come.  At long last today was the day to launch the Crew boat!!  After months and months of waiting and talking and planning the wait is over.   Thanks to a super group of fellows the Crew boat has met the water and now we just need to find us some carp and some sunny weather and we’re set for the summer.  We hope to see you on the river!


What Now?

School is out and the summer is ahead of us!  The long awaited time has come to enjoy the bliss of summer and all it holds.  There are so many summer activities but the best activities are those in the water.  Since we live on the Illinois River why not spend the majority of the summer basking in the sun?  That is just what we are going to do.  As soon as the speed boat is cleaned and readied for the river we’ll be out and about racing up and down the Illinois.  We’ll be holding on for dear life as we’re flung back and forth on our tubes.  There will be King of the Inner Tube – a feat not easily won.  There will be brutal tidal waves and barrel rolling.  There is absolutely no reason to be board this summer…join Venture Crew 91 on the Illinois!  Are you game?

Ready for Summer