So Proud

As the Advisor to this crazy group I just have to take a minute to brag about the guys and gals in my Crew.  Last winter when we decided to put together a Relay for Life team we were all pretty excited but we did not really have a fundraising goal.  Not sure who it was but someone from our Crew thought each member of the team should raise at least $50.  It’s not an exorbitant amount but still a substantial commitment.

We spruced up a couple of yards and received monetary donations and then we held a car wash.  We raised more than we thought we were going to through our fundraising activities.  We were all really excited.  The week of the Relay we went to the meeting and had just over $1,000 in team funds!!  We were super pumped and so happy we raised over $1,000.

The day of the Relay comes and we have a really great crowd from the Crew.  Our little team not only included Crew members but family members too.  In total we had 20 people show up to support our Relay for Life team.  Not everyone stayed the whole night but it came pretty close.

What is so amazing is the support, enthusiasm and willingness of my Crew!  For those who stayed through the night, they walked, they ran, they joked, they laughed, they had a great time.  What is even more exciting?  They are already planning for next year’s Relay team and how we can exceed this year’s fundraising goal.

All in all this fancy team came together and raised way more than $50 per person.  They have raised $2,828.52!!!!  It would be completely awesome if we found a way to raise an additional $171.48 before August 31.  The wheels are turning so hopefully Life Crew 91 can reach $3,000 before the end of August.


Raking for a Cause

Today is the first day we begin fundraising for our Relay for Life Team: 91 Reasons.  We will be spring cleaning in a couple of yards this afternoon as a way  to fund raise for our team.  It seems as if every day we learn of someone else who is beginning the battle against cancer.  Crew 91 wants to help, even in a small way, by putting together a team, raising awareness and collecting donations to help fight the fight to put an end to cancer.  Though we’re only just starting, raking leaves for an afternoon is going to make difference.  Our question to you: how are you willing to make a difference?

Leave a comment to share ways your teams have brought awareness to your community and the harebrained ides you’ve pulled off to raise support.