Westward Ho!

Excitement is in the air!  This afternoon we have officially decided to spend next summer in a westward adventure!  The plans are only just beginning but we know there are few places we most definitely will be going.  Mount Rushmore is a must see and will be amazing.  Stopping in to see the Rockies for sure.  We’d like to go whitewater rafting maybe in Colorado.  And everyone agrees camping in the Grand Canyon is an absolute must!!!  There will more than likely be other places along the way.  There will definitely be plenty of opportunities for service projects and conservation projects while we’re out and about.  We’ll keep you posted on our plans!  If you have any suggestions on places we should visit please let us know!


4 thoughts on “Westward Ho!

  1. you might plan around the wildfires and heat to plan your adventures. right now in SW colorado it is hyper-dry and we now have a big fire going down here – it can obliterate views in no time. if it is 95 degrees here it must be about 150 in the grand canyon. still plenty of high-elevation fun to be had, rivers to swim and raft and beautiful mountains to hike. have a blast!

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