On the Pontoon

If we’ve said it once we’ve said it a million times.  We love the water!  There is no better way than spending a morning on the river.  Maybe the reason we finished shucking all that corn so quickly was the motivation to tube the morning away.  So there’s this new song we think we should adopt as our own, Pontoon  by Little Big Town.

It’s the perfect description of our crew!  We could spend all day out in the sun with no regrets.  Everything about the water is fabulous.  So last Saturday we spent a few hours on the good ol’ Illinois.  There were 10 of us on our zippy little boat, okay maybe it wasn’t so zippy!!  There was an AWESOME launch by the fantastic Amariah and Holden duo.  If only we could have captured the barrel-roll of the tube and the bodies flying through the air we could have won an award!

Let’s just say we’re ready for the next Kodak moment!


Crusin’ with the Carp

We can’t have all work and no play so we decided to kick back and enjoy the Asian Carp.  Today was a ‘get ready for Relay for Life’ day.  We camo tie-dyed our team shirts and they’ll look pretty fantastic when they’re finished.  After grabbing a quick hot dog and brat off the grill we loaded up and headed to Lacon.  The night could not have been any better for tubing and speeding up the Illinois.  We’re not a tame bunch when it comes to tubing.  The only objective…to get thrown from the tube.  And really, if you’re honest with yourself you know getting thrown from the tube is your favorite too!!  Half of us road in the boat and the rest of us hung out on the pontoon as pick up and deliver when it was time to swap.  We’re all about including family in our crazy activities so we had quite the group on the river.  We can’t wait until the next river jaunt!

Not Yet Thrown

Can’t Wait to be Big

About to be Launched