Camo, Debris, Dirt and a Class B

The week kicked off with quite the bang.  Wednesday saw us at our first Relay for Life fund raiser.   An evening of raking away leaves, clearing winter’s damages and gearing up for a fantastic spring.  Thanks to Cheri for being our first donation and for spreading the word about our team, Life Crew 91.

one to rake, two to watch and the fourth to supervise

In the world of Crew 91 there is no way to have a bonfire without having a good ol’ fashioned game of capture the flag.  You might think you know capture the flag but until you’ve played with the crew you have no idea what you’re missing!  Capture the flag is not just any old game it’s taken seriously and if you play you better be in it to win…there is no other option.  No flashlights, just sheer darkness and you better be in fatigues.

after raking the class b's are put away

No sleeping in on Saturdays for Crew 91, just car washing all day long.  There was quite the showing on Saturday at Precision Auto Wash in Chillicothe for our little Relay fund raiser.  The weather was a little dreary but it didn’t take long for the sun to come out and with it bring the dirty cars of Chilli.  Thanks to everyone who came out to support Relay for Life.  There were semi-dirty cars, crazy dirty cars and then the immensely dirty cars recently released from mudding adventures.  All in all the day was a huge success!

even Audis get dirty


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