Absolutely Perfect!

This weather is perfect for so many things.  Perfect for a wizard from the Ice Cream Shack.  Perfect for a baseball game.  Perfect for an afternoon at the park. But more importantly, it’s perfect for a weekend of camping!

Nothing like a Piggyback Ride

Marshmallow Pounding

During a week that is seemingly perfect in every way it is incredibly hard to be focused at work, at school when all you can think about is the outdoors.  To be trapped on the inside and to be restricted to only looking is…torture.


But looking means there is at least a window and daydreaming comes easily.  A weekend of camping can mean many things.

To us it might mean a game of capture the flag, fishing in a warmed pond, Tippecanoe, star gazing, a game of volleyball, a night hike or just hanging around the fire.  There are so many things warm weather brings but most definitely best of all…camping with a crazy group of guys and gals who make horrible jokes and spend a weekend thoroughly enjoying one another’s company.

Ballet and Camping? Check!


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