Corn Chowder to Help our Sponsor

Without a sponsoring organization there would be no Venture Crews.  Our crew is sponsored by the very generous Chillicothe United Methodist Men’s Club.  They have been our faithful sponsor since 2001.  As a way to show our appreciation we volunteer at their fundraisers and help in any way possible.  This evening’s supper was planned in November and who would have thought we’d have 80 degree weather in March.  We were a little worried about the turn out because of the nice weather and soup can be a hard sell when it’s practically 75 outside.  But overall there was a good showing of the community and all together the Men’s Club are happy with the results.

The members of our Men's Club

The best part about the evening is getting to mingle with the soup buyers.  We are able to tell them about the Venture Crew, tell them thanks for supporting the Men’s Club and for sponsoring our Crew.  While we’re there we get to not only bus tables, clean dishes and mop at the end of the night we’re able to enjoy the dinner.  Helping our sponsoring organization for a few hours on a Friday evening is the least we can do to show them our appreciation.

serving drinks to our patrons


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