Sprinkles, Chocolate and Doughnuty Goodness

Our amazing volunteer Ambulance Rescue 33 had their annual fundraiser this past weekend and we were there to help!  Who could possibly turn down making homemade doughnuts, dipping them in frosting, plopping on sprinkles and eating the misshaped ones?  No one, especially members of Crew 91!!!!  For a whole weekend the town smells like doughnuts and what a wonderful smell.  Not only do you get to make thousands of doughnuts in a day, you get to eat all the ones that look a little funky!  I do believe “funky doughnuts” are made just for the pleasure of eating one fresh off the line.  The smell of doughnuts goes home with you, gets stuck in your hair and embedded in your clothes.  But we wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Thanks Rescue 33 for your volunteer services and for being one of the best in the state.  Your free services do not go unnoticed.  On behalf of Chillicothe, Crew 91 thanks you for your daily sacrifices.


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