All Aboard!

Amazing, “The year has quickly gone by and we’re finally at Philmont Scout Ranch!”  That is what we’ll be saying in exactly three months.  On July 11, 2014 we will have arrived in Raton, New Mexico, jumped on buses full of Scouts and Venturers from all over the country and made our way to Philmont Scout Ranch.

Just 4 months!

Just 3 months!

It does not really seem possible all our hard work and preparations will be coming to life in only three months.  We will have left on Wednesday, July 10 from the Galesburg Amtrak station, said goodbye to all our family and started on a once in a lifetime adventure.  The train will take us all the way to New Mexico and after hours of card games, sleeping and riding a train for 18 hours we will have made new scouting friends.

Backpacks are too big for these!

Backpacks are too big for these!


The niftiest part of taking a train to Philmont is how full the train is with Scouts and Venturers following an 18 hour train trip.  When we catch the train in Galesburg we’ll probably be the only Venturers on the train.  By the time we’ve been on the rails for 10 hours the train will be filling up with boots, packs and water bottles.  Scouts and Veturers will swap stories, forge friendships and share past Philmont stories.  Then after 18 hours of a swaying train rolling through the mountains and prairies the train will be bursting with anxious scouters.

Sayonara, Mom and Dad!

Sayonara, Mom and Dad!


We have a lot of prepping yet to do but we are excited.  There are miles to hike and hills to conquer before we’re ready for the mountainous terrain of New Mexico.  But hiking on a weekly basis and setting up practice weekend trips will help us be prepared for anything.


The countdown has begun and the adventure awaits!

Just Three Months

Just Three Months


Community Party

For the past 14 years the Chilliothe Christian Church has been the host of the Big Day Event.  Everyone in the community is invited to attend the church service followed by an opportunity to check out ways to volunteer in and around Chillicothe.  The church provided everyone with lunch, desserts and activities.

The Fellas

This year Venture Crew 91 had the chance to share what Venturing is all about.  Because our crew is so very community service minded we were able to tell everyone in attendance we can’t wait to serve the rest of Chillicothe.  Half of everyone who was around for the day did not know the differences between a troop and crew.

We were even able to drum up some youth interest in Venturing.  Hopefully we’ll end up with not only new youth for the crew but also other opportunities to serve our community!

And never do we miss an opportunity to bring out the inner-child!  There were five inflatables and we played!  We raced, we jumped, we slid…overall it was a super day!

We are NOT too Old!

Just Playing