Hike On {Part 1}

When you spend 11 days hiking in the back country of Philmont Scout Ranch it is hard to squeeze everything into only one post!  So much happened we’ll need to share over a few days.  Hold onto your hats, we did a lot of hiking.

Venture Crew 91

Our grand adventure started off with a bit of excitement.  Crew 711-G was the honored recipient as the designated 1 millionth crew of the day when we arrived on Friday, July 11.  Our fearless Crew Leader, Trevor, was presented with a folding sheathed, engraved knife to commemorate this being the summer of the 1,000,000 scout to attend Philmont Scout Ranch.  We were quite shocked and honored.

Venture Crew 91

Mr. Sam Moore was introduced to us as our Ranger and we hit the ground running.  It did not seem possible for over a year of planning to finally be upon us and we were taking everything in with wide eyes.  From the dining hall lined with crew Class Bs to the opening ceremony to the gathering of our crew gear we were as ready as we could be.

Venture Crew 91

Saturday afternoon brought us to a Leave No Trace campsite where Sam filled us in on all the important stuff we needed to know.  Like how to put up bear bags, the importance of the Bermuda Triangle and the Human Sump.   Thanks Tanner for  sacrificing your gut on our first night! For some unknown reason girls always catch the blame for talking late into the night.  Not so on this first night in the back country.  Tanner, Ross, Trevor and Jared could not stop talking…they were not quiet folks!

Venture Crew 91

Campos Heck

Venture Crew 91


We broke camp early and were the first crew to arrive at Dean Cow for rock climbing and rappelling.  Megan conquered her very first climb and Amariah went the farthest on the rock climbing obstacle course.  On our way to New Dean we assumed the lightning position for about 30 minutes and arrived at our second campsite slightly soaked and hungry.

Venture Crew 91

Dean Cow

Venture Crew 91

The night was full of exploring and laughs.  Half the group took a side hike after dinner to the top of a ridge and ‘killed’ Ashley’s camera; thanks, Ross.  The rest of us spent the evening holding our sides as we played an outrageous game of Uno.  Goodnight, Megan is a stitch!  You’ll have to ask Megan about her ‘blue voice.’  It was from here on out we lovingly referred to our water bottles as bater wottles thanks to Jared’s love of playing with words.  Early the next morning we left Ranger Sam and forged the trail on our own.

Venture Crew 91

Not wanting to miss a single ‘Dean’ campsite we made our way to Head of Dean for some incredible views from a pilot to bombardier and fabulous team challenge events.  The lovely Miss Lela from HOD promised a campsite with a view and only a four minute walk.  What Miss Lela did not share was the hike was all UP hill after a long and tiring morning.  Let’s just say it took longer than four minutes.

Crew 91

New Dean

After setting up camp and grabbing lunch Ashley, Randy and Jerry were able to sit back and enjoy the youth’s conquest of the COPES Course.  Miss Lela could not believe how outstandingly well Amariah, Megan, Trevor, Jared, Tanner and Ross worked together.  Their ability to communicate while half of them were blind and the other half were mute was quite impressive.  And shall we say, entertaining?  Jerry, Randy and Ashley could have sat all day and enjoyed their speechless and sightless antics!


Head of Dean

Head of Dean

While Jerry caught up on some much needed sleep from being sick the remaining eight squeezed into the guy tent to play some cards during the rain.  It was not necessarily the wisest decision to place eight people who hadn’t showered in three days in the boy tent.  All future card games were played under our dining fly!


to be continued…


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