A Typical Wednesday

We were pretty busy last night checking on our tent situation for Philmont Scout Ranch.  We leave for Philmont in 14 days!  If we want to be comfortable we better be sure to have all our tents and gear ready to go.

Venture Crew 91 Tenting

As people drove by the yard full of tents we’re sure they were thinking we were crazy.  Though there were only four tents set up in the yard it definitely is a different sight for Chillicothe in the middle of the week.  We’re really too excited to care what the general passerby is thinking. 🙂


Thankfully each tent will be keeping us dry and we even found a tent we forgot we had!  That’s the problem with camping gear…it gets out of control!  We decided to leave the tents assembled for our gear shakedown this Saturday and save us some steps.  So we won’t kill the grass we’ve stuffed them all into a garage.  Poor garage.

Venture Crew 91 Tenting

Who really puts cars in their garages anyway?  Isn’t it supposed to be filled to the brim with tents, sleeping pads, backpacks and backpacking stoves?

Venture Crew 91 Tenting



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