Season of Thankfulness

Thanksgiving may have passed yet Crew 91 continues to be thankful.  This time of year is truly one of the crew’s most favorite.  There are so many ways we are able to serve our community and give back for all they have done for us and for others.

Christmas Shopping

We like to start off the holiday season by purchasing Christmas gifts.  Every year we volunteer at a local resale shop, Helping Hands, to raise money for us to purchase gifts for the less fortunate in our community.  This year we were able to shop for two families with five children in each family.

Christmas Shopping

There’s nothing quite like watching a group of teenage boys picking out and choosing the best gifts for 3-10 year old girls.  Needless to say they were much quicker in choosing presents for all the little boys who needed Christmas presents.  But in the end even the little princesses of the group will be opening splendid gifts Christmas morning.

Christmas Wrapping

There was quite the wrapping party after purchasing toys for 10 children!  So much ribbon and paper and tape made for a perfect start to the Christmas season.  Of course we could not have been in the Christmas spirit without singing along to Christmas classics.

Christmas Wrapping

In the coming weeks we will be out and about Chillicothe continuing to serve our community with cheerful service.  This Saturday we will be volunteering at the local Christmas on 6th Street held at the First United Methodist Church in Chillicothe.  We’ll be setting up tables for the perfect Christmas lunch of ham with all the trimmings, serving dinner and busing tables.  Come out and join us.

Christmas Wrapping

Then on December 21 we’ll be bright eyed and bushy tailed at the annual packaging of non-perishable food baskets for the Chillicothe Community Needs Agency.  Starting at 7am we’ll be at IVC High School unloading, sorting and packaging canned food items for the Community Christmas Baskets.  When it’s all said and done almost 125 families will be receiving baskets just in time for Christmas dinner.

Christmas Wrapping

With so much to be thankful, providing a few hours of cheerful service is just one way to share our thankfulness.  Because in the end, giving is so much more rewarding than receiving.  We hope to see you alongside us as we help others enjoy this Christmas season.


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