Cotton Candy, Minions and Wilma

This past Sunday we were able to give back to an organization that has supported us with over $1,100 in financial support.  The Chillicothe Town Theatre held a fundraiser to help pay for the new digital projectors that were installed last year.  Volunteering at their event was a great way to show our appreciation to The Town Theatre.

Chillicothe Town Theatre

Woody and Bullseye

We were able to serve in a couple of different ways.  We ran the cotton candy machine at the concession stand and served nachos and sodas.

Chillicothe Town Theatre

Concession Stand Professionals


Cotton Candy Slingers


We paraded around the event in different costumes and had our pictures taken with Optimist members and little children.  We’re pretty sure we had more fun dressing up than anything else from the day.

Our Youngest Venture Scout

Our Youngest Venture Scout

The event was a wonderful success and the Chillicothe Optimist Club can make another payment on the digital projectors.  It was a great way to spend a hot Sunday afternoon.

Chillicothe Town Theatre

Woody, Batman & Sponge Bob



Fred and Wilma

Fred and Wilma


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