Nothing Like the Windy City

We spent a pretty fabulous day in Chicago the Friday of St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  Leaving Chillicothe Friday morning we swung by Rescue 33 to pick up two dozen homemade doughnuts courtesy of Tyler.

Riding the CTA

We met our personal tour guide, Arielle, at her place and caught the CTA to the Navy Pier.  If you visit the Pier on a cloudy March morning you have to catch the Ferris Wheel.  It was  overcast but still an amazing ride.  We didn’t cause to much of a raucous. 🙂

From the Pier we caught up with Cody who was in town with his family for the day.  The rain started to pick up just as we caught the CTA to a two-story McDonald’s.  This fancy-smancy McDonald’s had two escalators and an elevator!   We all agreed the second floor was the place to eat and the escalator was the best way to get upstairs.

McDonald's Escalator

Our ears popped as we rode the elevator of the John Hancock to the 94th Observation Floor.  The view was pretty fabulous despite the haze.  A few of us attempted to ice skate but only one of us was successful.  Have you ever tried to skate on that fake ice stuff?  It is not easy!

Skating in the Sky

On our way to dinner we stopped at Millennium Park and visited The Bean.  Everyone in the park was escaping the rain under The Bean.  Like any good tourist we had to get a picture or two.

The Bean

Dinner was fantastic!  We might have had a little more pizza but we were just sleepy enough not to mind.  If you have never eaten at Giordano’s East make sure to swing by on your next trip to Chicago.

Giordano's East


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