A Day for Green

Yesterday we saw thousands and thousands of people decked to the nines in the color green.  There are  St. Patrick’s Day fanatics who paint their bodies, die their hair and wear only green on March 17.  The celebration of St. Patrick’s Day has been a recognized holiday for thousands of years in Ireland.  But to truly see the Sea of Green all you have to do is really step out your back door.


Green on St. Patrick’s Day symbolizes the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland, St. Patrick.  The famed shamrock we see on display is said to have been used by St. Patrick to explain the Holy Trinity.

Green to Venturers all across the United States means adventure, opportunity, friendships and thrills of a life time.  The green of a Venturing uniform sparks questions from the public when they see us at community service projects or catching the train to Philmont.  Many have heard of the Boy Scouts of America but ask, “What is Venture Crew?”  The green of our uniforms makes us stand out and allows us to share all that Venturing has to offer.

We may not be as dedicated to green as some of our fine St. Patrick’s Day celebrators but we’re committed to the values and mission for which the green uniform of the Venturing Program stands.



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