Welcome to the Craziness

Three summers ago we spent a fabulous week at the wonderful Tomahawk Scout Reservation in Birchwood, Wisconsin.  The week was a Troop and Crew 91 shared adventure.  The troop participated in the fantastic Boy Scout programming while there and the five first-year scouts trekked their way alongside the crew.  While the Boy Scouts were working on merit badges and swimming we were enjoying ourselves in Tomahawk’s high adventure program.

Every day there was a different activity.  We went on a kayaking day trip, rock climbing, mountain biking, swimming and so many other amazing activities.  The really neat part about our trip included the side hikes and evenings spent with the Scouts.  Two of the young Scouts who went with us to Tomahawk are now members of our Venture Crew!

Camp Tomahawk 3 7.24.10 105

Just this past Sunday at our crew meeting we welcomed Cody as that second Scout from three years ago and we could not be more excited.  Three years ago Cody was just beginning to explore scouting.  Today, he has stepped into the craziness of Venture Crew life.  I guess our craziness didn’t scare him off!

Welcome to the Craziness!


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