Smells of Fall

A switch was flipped and Central Illinois is full of fall.  The leaves may have not changed but everything else is in full swing.  The crispness of the air, the waft of harvested corn and the smell of burning leaves completes the fall scenery.  Our crew loves the fall!!

If there is one thing we love about fall it would definitely be s’mores!  There is nothing like a freshly squashed marshmallow smacked between a heap of chocolate and graham crackers!  The gooyer the better!!

Another autumn perk, marshmallow wars!  We’re not very sophisticated, there are no set rules or parameters but we sure do love a good ‘mallow throw-down.  Not all marshmallows are edible following said fight but there are always more on hand for consumption.

The impromptu bonfire quickly becomes an evening spent at a crew member’s home full of all of the above and of course capture the flag.  Unlike marshmallow wars the game of capture the flag is taken quite seriously…down to boundary lines and war paint (on occasion).

So in a nutshell we love autumn and can’t wait to fully embrace all of the treasures fall has to offer!


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