The day the entire city thought would never come graced us with its presence today.  It RAINED!!!!  We’ve been waiting all summer for a day full of rain and rain it did!  First thing this morning the clouds rolled in thick and heavy and even activated street lamps.  No one was too upset driving to work in the semi-dark.  The rain was worth it!

Today’s awesome weather reminded us of a few storms we’ve survived.  Towards the end of one of our Philmont treks we were caught in rain and lightning.  We had to ‘assume the lightning’ position until the storm fizzled out.  Let’s just say we hope to NEVER crouch in the lightning position again!  Another wonderful adventure at Philmont left six of us playing endless hours of cards on top of Visto Grande.  The real kicker…we were crammed into a Philmont issued tent!!!  We were slightly smelly to say the least!

The most wonderful thing about a storm?  The glorious displays that follow.  Brilliant skies, double rainbows, magnificent colors, the contrast of dark skies and light.  There are wonderful storm skies to be had in your own backyard but there is just something about living through a storm and seeing the results first hand.  So standing on the top of Mt. Philips, looking over the ocean in the Florida Keys or watching the raging whitewater after rafting makes waiting out a storm so worthwhile.  The opportunity to experience the power of a thunderstorm and see the radiance following have all been through Venturing.  Without Venturing the smells of the Ponderosa Pines at 10,000 feet would never have been possible.  The smell of salt off the ocean and the rolls of sea foam would be non-existent.

Venturing is an opportunity.  An opportunity to go places you never would, to experience challenges on a whole new level, to build friendships that will last a lifetime and to be a part of something so much bigger than yourself.  Venturing is an opportunity of a lifetime.  What will you do with it?


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