Cache Lake Kodiak Challenge

A couple of us were a part of a council Venturing contingency that spent a week in Ontario, Canada at Cache Lake Camp.  Cache Lake is a W.D. Boyce Council camp in Canada and what a wonderful place to spend a week!  The trip up to Canada was quite the adventure!  For the first couple of  hours we had five people in our little Toyota Avalon.  We were barely in the car 30 minutes when the CD player broke, we stopped at a bazillion rest stops and Amariah and I took our sack lunches into Culver’s!!!  We stopped at a super neat place in Wisconsin full of animals,  an indoor waterfall and crazy fun hats.

oh the many faces

We spent the evening at L.E. Philips Scout Reservation in their very nice winter cabins.  The day was incredibly hot but we were able to go swimming and then enjoy a relaxing evening making survival bracelets, eating pizza and playing ultimate frisbee.  Very early in the morning we hit the last leg of trip and made our way to Handberg’s.  The two hour trip via boat from Minnesota to Cache Lake was gorgeous.  The lake was beautiful and we didn’t really get wet at all.  The Canadian customs people were super nice and then we rolled, okay, boated right into Bach Bay.

Oh Gregory!

We spent a wonderful week, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, boating, cliff jumping, hiking, catamaraning, snarking, tubing and king of the docking.  Between all the fun we had a leadership lesson a day and a special activity.  We climbed French Mountain and let’s just say that was an adventure!  All 26 of us went hiking in an unknown direction, Amariah and I entertaining people or rather annoying everyone with our endless singing.  We ate wild blueberries, we found a nice set of antlers and only a couple of us slid down the rocks!  The view from the top was breathtaking.  We could have spent the entire afternoon up there and still we would not have been able to capture the beauty of the scenery.

The most exciting adventures were most definitely the cliff jumping, dock wars and tubing.  A little group of us started the initial jumping from Whale Rock right outside the Bach’s Bay.  We had a most amazing time and were all smiles as we left the rock and headed back for dinner.  So many of us had a a great time we decided to find a larger drop up the narrows a few days later.  The whole group went the next time around and it was absolutely glorious!  Amariah, Holden and Greg were quite the trio.  It didn’t take very long for the boys to decide to toss Amariah off the dock on the count of three.  It took a split second after that for all three of them to end up in the lake, fully clothed and back at it over and over again.  They were the first three to take the tube out on our little 25-horse motorboat, the first to flip the tube and the first to say let’s do that again!



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